Saturday, February 19, 2011

Talk Thursday: Period

My friend’s husband died this morning at 6:3o. He passed in the quiet hours of the morning, when many spirits choose to pass… unseen, alone, unhindered and as chosen. He passed after a long battle against diabetes, heart disease, and most recently against kidney failure and a gastro-intestinal infection. He is gone; she is heart broken – period.

The next chapter begins.

It is not that she didn’t see this coming, but do we ever really want to be prepared for this? I sure can’t imagine the day that Ducky and I will part… forever… well at least until we meet in some future life. But my friend doesn’t believe in reincarnation, she is waiting only for her resurrection day. I have no problem with this, to each their own. I mean our beliefs are the beds we have to sleep in. While many will poo poo her and mine’s belief in God, any resurrection, and future lives, it is these beliefs that comfort us. As far as I’m concerned if you are comfortable in the belief you die – period, more power to you. Keep your distain for my beliefs to yourself and I promise I will not ridicule yours to your face or on your blog either.

Back to my friend. My heart breaks for her, for hers is not an easy road. She cared not only for her aging invalid husband, but a severely disabled daughter as well. Often her days were spent shuttling herself from one hospital room or doctor’s appointment to the next. Many would said this will ease her load, but I know putting myself in her shoes (which is nigh an impossible task) guilt at the relief of his passing (no matter how merciful), the weight of lonely moments that would have been spent by the two of them, and the burden of her heart-ache will be an even heavy burden to bear.

I send her my prayers, my thoughts, and my wishes for better tomorrows even though I know that I cannot smooth her path, ease her burdens, or share her load. I can only offer her my love, support, shoulders, ears, and prayers in her time of sorrow and pain and while she is on the journey to the road where she learns to be one again.

Thomas, please go with God; Rose my heart wants to lift your sorrow, you pain, your burdens and I’m wholly unqualified for the task, but I shall try. As hard as it is please rejoice that his pain and suffering have ended – and when the day comes, my friend, please remind me of the same.



Jen said...

Wow--a friend of mine's father died last week. English is just a very poor language when things like this happen.