Saturday, January 15, 2011

Talk Thursday: Patience

Patience is probably the only virtue I possess, and that may be questionable at times. Yes, my feathers do get ruffled. Yes, my feelings do get hurt. And yes, I remember every mean, hurtful, or bad thing a person says to me or at me in a vague time frame. I don’t deal well with people who throw tantrums, nor those who look down on others. I do not deal well with people who live their lives to be rude. In respect to how I would like others to envision me, as a sea of calm (something I hardly am).

Truth be it, I would love to be calm when calamity is falling about my shoulders. The person who can walk away, gosh I wish I tried to be someone other than the voice of (self-perceived) wisdom, the grown up in the group, the one in possession of her wits. But no, I think I can reason with megalomaniacs – idiot (and I’m referring to me as the idiot) you should never beat your head against a brick wall – it’s like beating a dead horse. Calm demeanor and wise words will not make a door appear nor the horse rise up and drink water. I need to learn to just walk away – someone please tell me how to do that.

I am a believer in people, a believer that grown adults will see reason, that small children will learn from good example and lessons, and that we can live as one. I know, I know, I’m a dreamer. Yes, there will always be people who don’t play well with others, there will be stupid reasons for throwing temper tantrums, and there will always be individuals or groups who believe they're superior and God given (whether they believe in (a) God or not.) And therefore there will always be a need for voices of reason, the calm in the midst of a battle/storm/or tantrum, there will always be a need for wisdom. In a way of speaking isn’t that a sad comment on the human condition?

During the holiday season I tend to thrive in the midst of holiday shopping, not that I shop much, but I see it as my duty to spread cheer and peace. It is my duty to smile at every person I meet and to be especially demonstrative in my appreciation of another’s service to the community. I especially relish being the person in line behind someone rather rude and obnoxious. Not that I mean to embarrass the people with me, nor the person being abused, it is my intent to shame the person who is rude and abusive. It doesn’t always work, but it almost always gets me a smile from the abused. My smiles always bring comment and almost always a smile in return.

Is it patience or just the life of a dreamer? I’m not really sure.



Jen said...

Frankly, it sounds like you're just a really nice person. But being nice calls for patience, too. And we could all use a few calm people, especially in the average office. (I work in a law firm, remember?)

Cele said...

I'm thinking a lawfirm requires more than the normal amount of safe, sane, and sober people in this world. You have mad people in those places.

Maya said...

It's good to be good.

LynnBlossom said...

Hi Cele - Keep dreaming and smiling. Shopping brings its own energy and challenges, but I like it too, and spend almost no money. I just like to be among the shoppers and the kids.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your writing and your humanistic demeanor inspire me.