Sunday, January 09, 2011

Oregon Football is not a matter of life or death

It’s much more important that that. Not an original thought (I stole it from this blog), but I loved it enough to ah ehm hmmm, borrow it for my BCS blog. I’m fairly frickin’ tired of people downing my Ducks, thank you very much Robert Smith, you over paid stuffed shirt. A Rivalry is made up of two sides, but football analysis need at least two collective brain cells to rub together – Robert Smith lost his in the pro
battles of his yester-year. A football rivalry needs two teams to show up on the gridiron on the same day. Now last year my Ducks fell in the Rose Bowl against my cousin’s Buckeyes. Last New Years Day my Ducks played a better team….
On that day. Because yes, I believe any team can be beaten on any given day.

My Ducks may not win against Auburn, but they will give it their best, and if they lose it will be because Auburn was better on Monday, January 10th and I will live to root for my Ducks another day. In the words of Supwichugirl, “I love my Ducks.”
And believe me the Quake will return.

Everyone one with a sports network or cable show has dissed my Ducks, this ticks me off to no end, I hope it is ticking off my Ducks as well. I am sure that the discussion will be all Auburn through out the game, I will still watch. But in my underdog, football heart of hearts I truly look forward to Robert Smith eating is words. And for that matter Herb Kirkstreet, too.

Win or lose I want to be on the streets of Eugene come January 22nd to cheer my Ducks in a Celebration of Champions.

Go Green - GODUCKS!

PS - And on the record I have a hard time believing Cam Newton didn't know his dad was shopping him in hopes of play for pay. Surely someone would have clued him in. I don't buy it.

Note: all pictures taken from the internet and are not property of.... moi, but used under fair use laws and are in no way meant to be detrimental, but fully in awe of people who love my Ducks and were able to take their pictures. Thank you, I am forever humble and in awe.