Sunday, November 14, 2010

Talk Thursday: Wide Open Spaces

That is about how my sinuses feel right now - wide open dried out/congested can't breathe spaces. I refuse to get sick, so at the first hint of someone around me having a cold I start hitting my system with vitamin-C and an Airborne chaser – more Airborne than C in truth. And you say, “But Cele if this works so well why are you fighting Ducky’s cold?” It’s simple folks, I probably had it before he kissed me and then complained of feeling the onslaught of a cold. I truly believe in the force that is Airborne, if you don’t have it you won’t feel it if you get it. If you do have a cold it will minimize the effects of the cold. So right now I feel my sinuses, yesterday I felt tired, and Friday it was a headache. Ducky on the other hand (who gets drenched while working in the rain) was much sicker than I, but not as sick as he could have been. And yes, I can posit ad nauseam the benefits of good sleep, good diet, meditation, spiritual health, and Airborne. I have to say my eyes do hurt.

It is raining in Oregon, oh come on, don’t feign surprise, I love the rain it means I get to be a bit more lazy. And it gives me more time for my newest hobby – Beading. Lynblossom beads, I will have to pick her brain, maybe check out her designs. I’m starting off fairly easy, three strand bracelets. My friend, Beady Dee Dee, got me into this just by inviting me to a trunk sale at her home. The first time I suckered myself into buying a dozen dragonfly buttons. Why, I have no clue except that I’m a compulsive shopper – it has to be. I think I can make pins out of the buttons, they’re kind of cool, but I’m not sure how to make them a bit more exotic without making them gaudy. Maybe I should just go with plain and call it good.

Anyway, Beady Dee Dee makes her own, very expensive, highly cool glass beads. I am especially drawn to her sugar coated beads – she heats her glass, forms her beads, cools then slightly and then coats them in glass bits. They are AMAZING. I want want want, and until I have less money concerns I will continue to want want want. Beading, the possibilities are as wide open as my sinuses. So at her second trunk show I found these fabulous cobalt glass beads with brass-gilded edges. My mother loves cobalt. At the bead store I matched cobalt oblongs and drops, brass seed beads, and other bits and bobs with the intent to make my mom a three strand bracelet for Christmas. Time will tell.

I’ve already bought Tiger’s eye seed beads (thanks to the second trunk show), onyx and snowflake onyx seed beads, again thank you Beady Dee Dee. So now I have a minimum three bracelets that are on my horizon – Christmas time is coming. I can see bracelets in my head for Psam, my mom, Pinecone, Miseray, Rose, and Renaissance Woman. Crap even for my grandmother. But I’m enjoying it, my worry, that again I will burn out on this craft before my supplies are all used up. Other than that (nod to topic) the possibilities are wide open.

I am also focusing back on my meditation and sight. It’s a long story, very long, very confusing and even blurrier. But I am trying to refocus me, to figure out my gift and to tap into it – this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you all, Psam, possibly Sid, and somehow I know Lynblossom will understand what I mean. Maybe one will have an idea where I should go. The possibilities again are (nod nod) wide open. As am I to suggestions. Until, peace my friends and happy beading.



Jen said...

Oh. My. God. You're a BEADER, too?!?! Holy COW. Guess who's gonna be in Oregon this July for Mensa's annual confab? Guess who's deliberately gonna be there a few days early so she can take in Fire Mountain Gems and Powells Books?! You game?

foundinidaho said...

You have the gift of sight? I have a weird story about when I was little that my grandmother would tell. The Scottish blood (in my instance) runs true.

Sorry I've been such an inattentive friend. I'm actually making a resurgence. Word.

firstpositionparallel said...

Kudos to you for doing something with the beads, even if you end up with some unused. Have fun with it! My mom does great beading if you need a nudge in some direction. Om.

Cele said...

Jen, I may be totally in. I'm only just starting in beading. You do know that there are hundreds of miles between Powells and Fire Mountain - right?

Fii - I don't think I have what I would call the sight - and what this is all about is a very long convoluted story. I just know there is something, but what I'm not sure. I think my gift is listening, hearing, knowing, and maybe even some sort of healing. But truth be, I don't know, so I'm working on it. I need a primer.

Jenniphur - Oh so long since you've been around, you've been missed. Funny I was talking to Don today and he said the same thing about your mom. I keep hoping she'll post some pictures of her work on her blog. I'm beginning and very open to ideas.