Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day

I am sure people who reside east of the Cascades will shake their heads in disbelief at my reveling in a snow day. The fact that we would refer to a day of three inches of snow as even a snow day will crack up many, but yes folks today was a snow day in western Oregon.

Classes were canceled, buses ran late, and kids throwing snowballs in the street at 7am actually woke me up this morning. Last night was Viking Hour, but they were on their own, and voice less, because I spent the entire time up on the hill trying to get our back up generator online. After having gotten my key stuck in the door (a feat that took me almost an hour to rectify, I got us back up and running, just in time to send the Viking Hour students home.

The mercury dropped to the low 30s, the wind whistled through the trees, and I bundled up next to my wood stove with a steaming hot cup of tea before going to bed.

It snowed continuously this morning and through out the day. Then by four (for the most part) the snow flurries and showers were over.
But not before I had to go out and crack my hose in half to spray off the satellite dish so we could continue airing The Music of Your life, and ABC top of the hour news.

A process that ...
1) I was not dressed for
2) proceeded to spray myself in the face
3) drench the side of my head
4) and the worst part - freeze my fingers off in the ice cold water - but I got the music back online.

I returned back inside as the snow began to come down harder, I warmed up my fingers with some warm water - ouch. Then when outside with my camera and shot this of Bubba and his snow dog, Jonah (who is usually the Radio Dog - but hey, it was a snow day.)