Friday, October 22, 2010

Talk Thursday: No Mea Culpa This Time Boyo!

The sky just opened up with the biggest plopt! plopping of raindrops upon my roof. I’ve been waiting for this seemingly for days. Mother nature and the seasons are bringing back autumn for a full onslaught engagement. I am missing tonight’s full moon, I can not see Jupiter hanging brilliant below, but I can hear mother nature drumming upon my roof the rhythmic soothing sounds of rains. Oh how I love the rain, soon the winds will begin to howl from the southwest and beat down the remaining sodden blooms and perky weeds in my garden before they all go to sleep.

But even the autumn storms have a symmetric beauty as pressure systems, wind, and moisture do their mating dance over the Pacific Ocean.

For those of you who’d like it in color… voila and thank you to the National Weather Service
whom without this post would be colorless. And since I’ve little to Mea Culpa since the last time I poured out my hear in a Talk Thursday Mea Culpa, I will just go splash in a puddle or two thank you very much.

Happy Autumn,


Jen said...

Wow, that's cool! I love weather radar footage, especially hurricanes (when they are far out to sea and not threatening anybody, naturally). Here in No. Texas we have the meeting grounds for all four of the major weather systems that move through the U.S., so I get lots of weather radar. And plenty of messages from the Emergency Broadcast System. Not all of which are only a test.