Thursday, September 09, 2010

Talk Thursday: Sock Drawer

Ha-ha-ha! Lynblossom you’re cute, but really right now I’m so tired I could curl up in my sock drawer and go to sleep. Except my too large a butt wouldn’t fit, the bottom would fall out and I’d be sleeping with the dog. Except Arlo’s sleeping on the futon in the “new room” which isn’t so new, because we built it when Burp was a year old… maybe, and Burp just started fourth grade. Wow, time flies.

So anyway, my sock drawer is filled with underwear, I never wear, that I bought on my last trip to Frisco (Sid when was your birthday? Yeah it was that long ago.) Why are they there? Because I can’t throw them away, they’re brand-new and make me itch... and boy isn’t that graceful and lady like. There are socks that only get worn on Friday’s and weekend in the colder days (I’ve found my bare feet again and I love it.) Plus my cute and awesome Christmas socks – note the toes in the reindeer ones. And some odds and ends.
See down in the lower right corner there’s this kewl caddy that holds hair bands (yes, at 54 I still wear a pony tail); some bracelets; an 1888 silver dollar; a piece of scrimshaw (both presents) from my second wedding; two presidential dollars; a Kennedy head half dollar; and a safety pin (who knows.)

You could also find a variety of jewelry boxes (most are empty) and an assortment of important and long forgotten papers if you stir things around. Sometimes even my extra money stash is tucked in the side of this drawer (but not this month.) Note, if you want to keep your money safe, hid it in your husband/boyfriend/significant other/or situation’s drawer… burglars will go though women’s undies drawer (hmm hmmm Jen) but usually not men’s (really think about it, if you weren't folding and putting them away would you touch them? - see point taken) so wrap it up in that holey pair of brief he won’t let you throw away. The important thing is except for getting a bra out every morning, I just about never use this drawer… so see really if my butt was small enough (yeah in my dreams) I could sleep undisturbed in my sock drawer.

Cele – nite nite


Jen said...

I've actually seen a money holder that looks like a pair of men's underwear with skid marks. I bet if you Googled that you'd find it. Myself personally, I am not that curious...

Cele said...

Okay so I had to google it, too funny and so appropriate for the application. Not so good for a Striptease

Psamanthe said...

Those aren't reindeer socks... they're penguins!

Cele said...

Penguins right, much cuter than my now missing Christmas Reindeer socks.