Friday, September 03, 2010

Talk Thursday: Priority Mail

The post office is my friend; they don’t feel as warm and cozy about me. For a good reason I suppose, I pick my mail up about once every four weeks. I’ve had people look at me with utter disbelief when I make a comment about my inability to get to the post office in a timely manner. So I guess you could say, mail isn’t a priority with me.

Email and online banking work just fine, I like printing out what I need, and having complete records now. And of course I have a problem with my mail being left in a box a block a way from my house where kids and whomever can steal it on a whim. So, again, mail isn’t a priority. With online banking the bill is paid weeks before I get the bill in the mail. It drives people crazy.

What drives me crazy is the intent to mail a card, say to my grandson for his birthday. The good intent is there the week before when I remind myself to go buy him a card. And the day following when I remind myself again. I’m sure that just warms the cockles of his heart…when again he gets no card from grandma.

I got Pinecone and the Cap & Crown guy tickets to see Heart later this month at the Cuthbert. I will probably have to drive to Springfield and hand them to her, because you know me and the mail.

My god I'm lazy,


Psamanthe said...

LOL My mailperson HATES me... cuz once again.. the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

Why would I rush out to pick up more bills? That's just retarded. No, hide some cash in there and I'm all over it!!