Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Championships

One of my favorite events every spring takes place Father’s Day weekend in Reedsport, the Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Championships.

Saturday, June 19th, Ducky, Burp and I headed south I was looking for a new moose, maybe a bear, and even possibly a lighthouse. Ducky wants one for the front yard, my mom thinks it’s tacky, I figure you only live once and it was Father’s Day Weekend.

This year’s theme, Outdoor Life

The 2010 event featured fifty-one pro and semi professional chainsaw artist from around the world. There were at least four sculptors from Japan, an array from Germany, Belgium, Australia, and other parts of the planet. Oh and the US too.

Half way through we stopped to watch the first of two lumberjack shows. A feature new to the Championships and kind of a warm up to the summer tour. I was amazed at the birling (log rolling). The spikes are made from refitted soccer shoes.

Strangely I came home with no moose, no bear, not even a darn lighthouse.



Psamanthe said...

I miss him so much. He was surly, stubborn, opinionated, and a bad driver, but one of the kindest, most honest, most dependable, loving men I've ever known. The epitome of 'salt of the earth" and "stand-up guy". The only person I let call me Krissy, and wow... how I miss hearing it.

Cele said...

I do too, but I know he is with me always.