Monday, April 26, 2010

Talk Thursday: Things That Must Go

It seems my time to blog has sadly diminished over the past few months. As I note the passage of the year, crap it’s almost May, I note the sad lack of topics and blogs I’ve written. Part of this is solely blamed on TV and my glaring inability to multi-task at all times. Thank God I don’t have TIVO. Why you might ask? Women know what commercial breaks all about – doing chores, that’s what! TIVO = no commercials; messy house; no blog. So tonight I am blogging whilst Dancing With The Stars. Okay, okay it’s hours before DWTS, but why put off until tomorrow what won’t get done?

Things That Must Go!

God this is more difficult than I thought. It’s the third time I’ve started this, to underscore the point, we are 45 minutes into DWTS. I keep getting off task and blundering.

Blundering must go

Now at this point I have to say go read Psam’s list… it’s mine except that she wrote it and put it on her blog, not mine. But hey, it could have been mine if she posted it here instead.

Note minor rant at the end..

Hatred must go. Enough said.

Companies who hire illegal aliens. Thereby screwing over the people whose Social Security numbers have been hijacked and will someday (possibly soon) need those numbers and the services that demand said numbers: like Social Security benefits, Workman’s Comp, and Unemployment to name just a few.

Companies that take their factories off shore and the people who still buy their products. I.e. Nike, Levis (yes, this includes Ducky – he will only wear 501s,) Indian Call Centers, and give me time and I’ll find a list.

Cheap unregulated Chinese products. We make our companies meet specific standards and regulations and yet bring in whatever made by whomever wherever. WTF?

Pompous vegetarians who make a fuss over the treatment of animals (said reason for being a Vegetarian.) And yet while spouting the doctrine of Peta they wear leather boots, suede jackets, and have two leather couches for their dog.

Oversized breast implants – Heidi Montag, Pamela Anderson, and the late Anna Nicole Smiths of this world you know who you are. In fact Pamela must go from DWTS, too.

Male enhancement commercials. What you don’t realize is that it’s his smile that is bigger. His wife is now much happier because he and his lack luster attention to detail is leaving her alone.

The mind numbing dumbing down of America … oh what a list
1) Stupid TV - The Simpsons, Two and A Half Men, and hate filled programming.
2) Not requiring people to speak English. I’m talking people whose first language is English (Sadly I’ve failed at learning a second language, well unless Pig Latin counts.)
3) Students, parents, teachers, and school systems that do not exact a winning performance from students (or themselves) and pass them for either a quota, frustration, and to just get rid of the student. I believe this problem often starts at home.
4) Candidates, politicians, and leaders who can’t talk, don’t think, and spew their hatred and ignorance to be sucked up whole hog by the public who refuses to check their facts before believing. Can we say – Drink the Fucking Kool-Aid because it would be an improvement over your (being their) current mental exercise.
5) People who pull the race/gender/religion (or lack there of) / persuasion card – in totally inappropriate times. Sometimes pulling said card is totally legit, but how many times have you seen 1) Jessie Jackson pulling the “card?” It’s been over pulled. 2) I can’t I’m a girl “card.” Too stupid too live. 3) Glambert pulling the “card” when he’d been totally inappropriate in a primetime performance. 4) Anti: Prayer groups in schools, In God We Trust, The Pledge of Allegiance. Come on show up 10 minutes late and get over it, this allows both sides to remain true to themselves. In the words of Rodney King (paraphrased I’m sure,) “Can’t we just get along?”

Stores that gladly give you ten (no that isn’t exaggerating) plastic bags, but gets pissed and charges me 6 cents for the doubled 86 paper bags, that will hold all inside of and the ten plastic bags, when I forget my reusable ecobags. Again plastic bags aren’t biodegradable and trees are a renewable resource. Really I know you’ve been taught they’re not, but really I can show you acres and acres, and whole states of replanted trees.

Freeloaders. Example: Single parents or families who have child after child while milking the system of your’s and my hard worked tax dollars. I don’t mind paying my share, I friggin’ mind paying theirs. I’m not talking about hard working, responsible people who are down on their luck at the moment, crap no, they pay into the system. I’m talking the person who for years on end hasn’t had a job. My next door neighbor (yeah the rose killing bastard) has a son who’s well into to his thirties (maybe forties I am bad at ages) and has sponged off his father for the two years prior to the bloody rosebush massacre. While the man killed my rosebush and took away my privacy in the act, he has attempted to keep his front yard up in the past year and a half. Then he became gravely ill, his kidneys failed, and he now endures dialysis a few times a week. His son made a comment Saturday about how is father wants so badly to clean up his yard. Do you think his son, or grandson who live off him have offered? The weeds choking his new plantings tell me no.

Oh, and ungrateful whiney people who don’t own up because it’s always somebody else’s fault. Always.

And I’m going to second Psam’s final three (except I don’t know anything about the Canadian band Tea Party) and the whole pajamas in public thing, what’s that all about beyond lazy?

I wish I could go on, sadly, I’m blocked.



sideon said...

HOW did I miss this?? You said so much goodness and loveliness and had me chuckling so often that I don't have an outright favorite, but you saying "...his smile is bigger..." had me HOWLING.