Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Reality of TV

Since China Beach, rarely do I stick with a television show for long. Okay, I take that back, there was Babylon V, Farscape, Joan of Arcadia, and West Wing. But in truth if I like it on network TV it usually gets canceled. Underscoring my argument… Sports Night (with William Macy and Felicity Huffman), Moonlight (with that hot guy in the new J-lo movie),

I’m in shock that Big Bang Theory has lasted two and a half seasons, it’s a great TV gem. But now that…

* * * * Spoiler Alert* * * * * *

Will Wheaten and the premature “L” word has broken up Penny and Leonard the show is doomed. Remember Moonlighting. Okay, you understand.

A week or two ago I saw a comment in the paper that there are few family friendly programs on television. To their dismay they could only name three: the Simpsons, some show I forgot, and Two and A Half Men. OHMYFUCKINGSTARS! The Simpsons is the footpath that leads to the dumbing down of America. And Two and A-Half Men family friendly? You’ve got to be kidding me. Two and A Half Idiots is disrespectful, rude, condescending, ignorant, did I mention rude? Oh and that’s only half of it – really I should have written a list.

When reality TV hit the airwaves I was fairly resistant. I’m not sure why. Then I went to England during the second season of Big Brother (a show miles different from the American version) I was hooked (this was during the Jade Goody season.) I came home and watched the second season of BB US style. Four seasons later the ignorance and the hatful personalities finally did me in. Wow, four seasons. I think that might be a milestone.

BB lead to Survivor, lead to American Idol. Then I found Ghost Hunters, which lead to Ice Road Truckers, which lead to DEADLIEST CATCH. I could watch this show forever. I have come to realize I adore characters.

Sadly I have degenerated into the deep bowels of the Reality TV abyss. Now I’m hooked on Cash Cab, Mythbusters, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and all those trashy Housewives. Well not the Atlanta ones, but hey I have to watch baseball and football sometimes. Don’t tell my mom she’d be appalled. Psam on the other hand has sadly been forced to sit through a Housewives marathon.

So now I have to come out and say,

“Hello, my name is Cele and I’m a character addict.”



Psamanthe said...

I remember when your slogan was "I don't watch much TV" lol. You're an addict. I do watch Ghost Hunters, and Adventures, and Paranormal State... when I happen to remember that they're on. Idol is the only show that I don't watch On Demand or re-runs.

Maya said...

Miss J loves Ice Road Truckers so I watch that with her. Sometimes she will cave and watch my Dancing shows with me, or Amazing Race (one of my favs). :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to admitting you're in the club!

foundinidaho said...

I watch Glee (Big Bit got me going on that, it's great), Dancing with the Stars (Kate Gosselin aside), Mad Men, The Little Couple on TLC and the Housewives of Orange County. Hate the other ones. I hope I'm not an addict. But who knows, I probably am.

Cele said...

Psam, if you remember correctly for years I didn't have a TV. But I admit I an hooked on reality tv and the characters within.

Maya, I look forward to the June start od IRT, but I have Deadliest Catch to keep me occupied.

Jenn, ha ha yeah I think I need to be a card carring member.

Fii - I loved the first few epiodes. In an effort to cut back on watching I said I wouldn't watch TV after 9pm. Please don't ask me how that worked out.