Friday, April 30, 2010

Talk Thursday: Imaginary Spring

If April showers bring May flowers, then I'm going to have a bushel of spring posies. This month we've had two days with over 2 inches of rain. The other night, about 1am it rained so hard it woke me up. Granted I'm a light sleeper, but boy that is ridiculous. Tulips don't have a long life here, one season and they are gone. I will get some reds or yellows that will comeback year after year, but not the hybrids. And Tulips are one of Ducky's favorite flowers so I try to plant a lot of them. So while my lilies seem to be disappearing and the rain played havoc on the blooms, I did get some good shots to close out the month.

Here's to May flowers and the April ones too.



Psamanthe said...

Tulips are not my favorite as they have such a short life- and then just look crappy. Lilies are one of my very favorites, ever. I wish yours were more promising this year, it the past they've been so very lovely.

foundinidaho said...

It was 32 farking degrees here last night. I WANT SPRING!