Thursday, September 17, 2009

Talk Thursday: Self-Deprivation

From WordWeb:

Noun: self
1) Your consciousness of your own identity

Noun: deprivation `de-pru'vey-shun
1) A state of extreme poverty- privation, want, neediness
2) The disadvantage that results from losing something
"losing him is no great deprivation" - loss
3) Act of depriving someone of food or money or rights
"deprivation of civil rights"

WTFarve is that? There is really no part of this that pertains to me. And honey, I never want the words Cele and Needy to be used in the same sentence, paragraph, or conversation.

As in..

"Oh, crap honey, you dont' know anything, that Cele is one needy bitch, she wears me out." Whoa, sorry I was channeling my second ex there for a second.

Well, for a few years, a few decades ago (okay that was a depressing thought) when I was a single parent I might have vaguely opted to forego something so that my daughter could have the vaguely important things of childhood, like say food on the table, shoes on the feet, and clothes on the back. But by far that isn’t self-deprivation. That is gladly being a responsible parent.

I can’t say that I’ve ever deprived myself of anything and regretted it, because in truth isn’t that what self-deprivation is? Regretting what you didn’t allow yourself to have when you could?

Today, I may put off buying something for myself, hmmm say some new tulips for my garden, but take my word for it I will buy those tulips. I’m mean really! they are Ducky’s Springtime fav.

Self-deprivation? Not me, it’s more a case of self-indulgent.



JulieAnn said...

Indulgence is good too....mincing words...LOL. Indulgent for me is a loverly cappaccino. No sugar. Ahhh!

Lucid Dreamer said...

We think alike on this one. Now I want to go indulge in something delicious or wicked this weekend.

foundinidaho said...

Those tulips look worth indulging in. Right now I wish Fresno State would deprive BSU of a win. Sigh.

Cele said...

JA - I love a fresh brewed French Roast - first the aroma, then the first sip slowly moving over my tongue. Amazing.

Lucid - Wicked works especially if you get caught.

Fii - tulips, you can do it girlfriend. Go Bulldogs!

sideon said...

I love my circle of epicurean friends :)

Cele said...

Sid, I'm not sure I've ever been called epicurean. A glutton yes, epicurean, I'm thinking not - thank you.

My word verification: ablectod - a pig lating table cod.