Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo Friday... before it's too late

This post is brought to you by the topic fear. Probably a 9/11 inspired topic, considering it was posted last Friday – duh, nine eleven, but I refuse. There is far too much fear in this world to share a picture of snakes here. Besides, pictures of snakes don’t belong on my blog. So I bring you a picture of love, laughter, the thought of chocolate, and ghosties peeps .



Anonymous said...


You crack me up.

Every time I hit the grocery store I keep seeing the candy display - and the one thing calling out to me are those squishy PEEP candies. I haven't had one in decades. I'm sure they're completely toxic, but I'm still craving one. Happens around Easter every year, too.


Be well.

Cele said...

I seriously had to resist the temptation last night to buy trick or treat - aka - eat me early candy because kids won't be on the doorstep for weeks. So I opted for a box of white (darn they weren't stale - but they were goooooood) ghostie peeps. They lasted less than an hour.