Friday, September 04, 2009

Talk Thursday: Blind

Definition #2 – Word Web - “blind to a lover’s faults” “blind to the consequences of their actions”

Okay it also means stubborn, as in blindly stubborn to change. I am blindly, faithful Oregon Duck fan. I lover me Ducks. But when I heard Casey Martin had chosen white helmets for the opening game I knew I’d be seeing a lot of Bronco Blue. When Le Garrett Blount hit a Boise State player I saw red.

Let me back up a day or three. Oregon has become the Fashion Maven of College Football, yes I capitalize that like a title. Sick. The Ducks never, let me repeat that, NEVER, announce their uniform selection three days in advance. They announce they have a fashion plate of 43 uniform combinations, but not which ensemble they will don come Game Day (who I am sure will not be visiting the Cas Center this football season.) Enter Casey Martin, yes folks the pro-golfer Casey Martin, who has apparently become stylist mediocre to the once Dapper Ducks (not to be confused with the very Dapper Dyke.) Someone please tell Casey the Ducks should never, let me repeat that…again. NEVER! wear their white helmets, they are the grid iron kiss of Duck death.

Secondly, players followed their beloved coach Bellotti in to the dark depths of football hell and came out tested, but remained adaptable, ready to change players at a drop of a flag, and move on. Now Bellotti has stepped down for the AD post and selected Chip Kelly as his successor. But he didn’t tell Kelly about the Quarterback swap option, freshmen back up offense, defense, or to use the sticky field gloves on receivers – I keep sending them that memo, but I think it’s been round filed.

And thirdly, Le Garrett Blount’s behavior is abysmal – bench that puppy. I love college football, but the players usually don’t act childishly like over pampered pros. Football is violent enough without throwing punches, getting into it with opposing fans, or over all acting like a spoilt bully – whether it be in the locker room or on national TV. I think missing half a season would do him some good, but then he would blindly justify his actions feeling mistreated, misunderstood, and misused.

Of course during that down time, Blount will get plenty of work on his right upper cut. Boxing promotor Jack Arum has made public his interest in getting Le Garrett on the card in LA, during his down time. Arum, in this morning's LA Times, likened Blount's knockout of (pronounced blunt) to Sugar Ray's left hook and Foreman's right upper cut. He also noted that Blount's element of surprise would be gone knowing that in the ring Blount's potential opponents would be expecting the punch.

So my beloved Ducks are oh and one week into the 2009 football season and I know it will get better. It will, but darn it’s going to hurt getting there.



foundinidaho said...

Yeah, Blount screwed up, but the BSU asshat that tapped him on the shoulder and said something after the game isn't much better. I hope Coach Pete throws the book at him, too. Just stupid.

Oh, and Ducks - next year (if you play BSU) - NO WHITE HELMETS.

Cele said...

No white helmets. Now that I can sit back a week out from the debacle, I'm thinking Blount got royally screwed. He should have gotten a suspension, but a whole season and possibly his career. Over kill. Especially in the wake of no action from BSU.