Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Photo Friday: Seaside

Judging by the poles and the time of year, I am guessing it is a Tuna fisherman returning to the Port of Siuslaw.
Port Orford


Maya said...

Of course, you would have a good entry for this one! Alas, I am nowhere near the sea right now and still going through all my Paris pics, so no Photo Friday for me this week!

VW: pastri (your blog always give me good ones!)

Steven said...

Love your capture of Port Orford with the small whitecaps, boulders and misty air. Provides a somewhat "dreamy" ambience.

Cele said...

Maya, sad you didn't have photos from your coastal cruise earlier this year. You guys took great photogs.

Steven, thank you, Port Orford and the Oregon Coast offers great views. Beautiful rugged coastline.