Thursday, May 07, 2009

Talk Thursday – We All Make Mistakes

Boy, am I late. I don’t seem to have any energy. Is that the problem with my TT post? No, that would just be an excuse. Thing is I have no energy. What I do have aplenty is fodder for last week’s topic.

We do all make mistakes; one of my mantras is “A mistake is worth making if you learn from it” which goes right into my other two tenets of life 1) Where we’ve been is who we are and 2) It’s all about the journey. Circular logic.

When I was young, I thought I was always right when the reality, as I see it now, is I was right about thirty percent of the time, with the ratio going up daily dependant on the lessons learned and retained. I learn through my mistakes- made many, many times over. On the other hand my daughter Psam seemingly learns from my mistakes; Misery learns just like me-fall on my butt time and again until the lesson is pounded in. I’ve always try to remember the mistakes I made and realize that my girls are where I have been, let them learn. Thing is they are learning much better than I ever did.

I have always given with my whole heart. My father would point out this friend or that who he felt was “using me.” I never truly understood, I still don’t, and I’m thinking I never will. Am I naïve? Could be. I want to think that people are as honest and open with me as I am with them. And yet, even I know that is somewhat fool hearted. I want to see the best in people, the honest endeavors, the pure emotions and revelations because that is what I want others to see in me. When I find myself motivated by something less than pure I fall in my own esteem. Honesty has become a personal benchmark in my life and personal growth.

I have also come to value friends more than maybe I had in the past. I’ve always made friends quickly, but they weren’t always fast friends. Now I know quality in my friends is far more important than quantity. My pages at FaceBook and MySpace are becoming a reflection of my importance in the word and meaning of friend. I idon’t just say yes to a “Make me your friend request. Especially on FaceBook when you see my friend listed, they are my friend. Maybe in a different degree from one to the next, but they are people I have met, people I have spent time with, people I value with my heart. Some are new friends, some are old and endearing friends. But one mistake I have made that I can’

A River of Time has created a chasm between now and then with many early and mid-life friends. I grow, or they grow more, we grow apart because the land in between was not tended with care and respect, value and devotion. Sad, that is the mistake I regret.

My friends, I value you.



Steven said...

I came across something interesting that you stated ("Maybe in a different degree from one to the next...") that brings to mind times when I would question a good friend of mine how he or she could be friends with someone I wouldn't give the time of day to. It's as if there are different angles or elements we see in someone that is different from someone else's.

To "grow apart" is not necessarily a bad thing. Ideals and perogatives change over time which can conflict over time. Or the family unit changes where more attention needs to be placed with children. As a single man, I see that happen sometimes with friends who get married and have children.

foundinidaho said...

I know that right now we're "online" friends - until the last week of June anyway when I finally get to meet you - but I value your wise words and perspective.

And ya, you're still my friend on Facebook. :)

Cele said...

Steve I agree grow apsrt is not a terrible thing, but it is sometimes sad.

Fii - well I met Steve and Sid last year, Janet last week, so you next month. Way kewl.