Friday, April 03, 2009

I Did It! Argh!

I resisted for a long time, but finally gave in last night and signed up for Facebook. Did you know it works better when you put a picture with you registration? Yeah, so I am told. But I don’t look like I’d like to look. Sad, sad.

Natalie tried to talk me into it a several months ago. I thought, I’ve got my own website, I have four chatrooms, I’m signed up at Classmates, I have two blogs, and a Myspace page. Crap how much more does a girl need? I read a zillion blogs when my time allows and Facebook will just suck up my spare time.

This I found out last night in aces. I talked myself into it, really I thought I needed to sign up because I’m trying to put together this reunion. What I found was that Pam was one of three people I could find – and I already talk with her. Lillian is on Facebook, but I have her email. Bummer, I sucked up three hours last night deciding I liked Myspace better. The positive side of it is that I got to chat with Natalie for a few minutes so my time wasn’t a total loss.

Now I just need to get a picture that is acceptable to me and not a lie as to what I look like, (i.e. pleasant looking but not a blimp.) I think my eyes are great, but annoy the heck out of people.

Oh, and don’t get any ideas, I’m still resisting Twitter, Linkened, and whatever new thingie is on the horizon.



foundinidaho said...

Pictures of you! Yay! I'm not sure about the Facebook thing either. I'm trying it out as of yesterday. We'll see.

Cele said...

Ah, Fii thank you for the kind words, the pictures left me quite depressed - shopping in Eugene with my Mom and sister yesterday finished me off.

Find me for Facebook.

Steven said...

Like you, I am hesitant to try new social websites. Plus I already have WAY TOO MANY user names and passwords to remember. Your eyes don't annoy me at all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello, gorgeous.

I'm glad you're on FB. I've Twittered, but I'm not thrilled with it. My lack of blogging is in many ways due to my complete addiction to FB. Maybe it's a reflection of my laziness - FB is just too damn easy. Blogging takes work. Lots of work. More work and energy than my one brain cell can handle most days.

I want less Facebook and more blogging back in my life.

Not sure I've told you lately, but I miss you.