Tuesday, March 31, 2009

31st March Another Month Down and Other Rampant Thoughts

There are those moment through life where most of us realize time is flying by, today is one of those days. It’s March 31st, I am itching to get in to the garden, I’m half way through my latest critique, and Rhody Festival starts next week and I’m no where ready. The reality is Rhody Festival isn’t until May 15th, but crap with how time flies it will seem like I was thinking these same thoughts just last week when Rhody rolls around.

What I have realized is that we have taken down the Christmas tree (in a timely manner for once.) Rung in a new year that is almost gone. Celebrated a trio or more of birthdays, visited the Vet numerous times, warded off uncountable nameless colds, and are not farther progressed in our accomplishments, it appears, than I had hoped to be. Not that I know where I should be accomplishment wise or what I’d hoped to accomplish, but some how I am behind. Clueless in 2009 and voted most likely to be clueless in 2010.

What I have decided so far is that we will be vacationing this year in Las Vegas… probably October, because I am working on a neighborhood reunion. In my developing years (ideals, morals, and Id) I lived in La Mirada. Tanfield is a small double cul-de-sac neighborhood of approximately sixty houses, houses full of the people who make up a large chunk of my childhood memories. This autumn we shall meet and find out if we like the people we turned into. I’m excited.

Last April I traveled to San Francisco for Sid’s birthday and was treated to not just a week with an awesome couple (Sid and Scott,) but with their extended family. I also got to meet JulieAnn (whom I love dearly) and her wonderful Wanker, but also Julz & her Bill, Lyn Blossom and Jenniphur, Eddie, and Steve. This April I will get to meet the wonderfully talented Pompy, who moving north of me. Life offers up the most splendid opportunity and I am eager to meet each and everyone of them. Last year I got to meet Jazzy, this year I get to meet Fii. It is a wonderful life.

Over a year ago, hmm about 18 months, Sacred Sister started Talk Thursday. Yes, the group is still alive… barely, but we are. This week it’s Jenniphur’s turn to pick the topic. Sadly I’ve been having problems writing on the topics, I’m not sure why, I just seem to be losing inspiration. If you’re reading this and interested in Talk Thursday let me know… you’re in and your topic will be next week. Just warning you – Jenn’s the turn-around.

Hmm, well now I am off to close out March for the FCC… argh the hoops you must jump through. Until April.