Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Green Green

Two weeks one day until the official start to spring…according to the sun and the calendar; Mother Nature may have other thoughts, but only time will tell. Living in western Oregon I know I can expect – rain, snow, rain, wind, wind, snow, and sun.
Last week my crocus opened their cheery faces in my flower beds.

My daffodils have begun shining bright in my new garden beds,
while tulips are barely showing their sleepy heads.
My new golden chain tree is waiting at the nursery and I’ve yet to order my solar fountain.

Not worry my fingers are itching to get into the loam… that is hidden by the sod still not dug out. Yes, I’ve got a project on my hand. My last garden took the better part of a year to get in, and then this past summer and winter to establish. Okay, the weeds are well established, next year I definitely have to lay down hemlock before winter sets in.

This new garden is as bit larger and will mirror the other. I’m planning on planting herbs to accompany the cutting flowers. I also plan to create a berm to show my nasturtiums in all their glory and back it by winter blooming Hellebores. I’m getting excited just thinking about.

This weekend is the Florence Home and Garden show. My ideas may change. This too time will tell.



foundinidaho said...

The flowers are starting to come out here too - the inch of snow (!) on them yesterday wasn't too pleasing.

I am so ready for spring.

Steven said...

Wow! What a welcoming surprise to see. Our snow is gone and I am starting to see buds emerge from the ground. But to see you blooming already in the Pacific Northwest already is great! Thanks for sharing and getting me in the mood for Spring!

sideon said...


Our tulips are just about to bloom. We have dozens of daffodils though. The sweet peas, primroses, and kale have done well through the winter, too.

Cele said...

Fii- sorry I am so late in my replies. We actually had snow last weekend, but not enough to do damage. I love this time of year because I'm itching to get out in the yard.

Steve - Chicagoland is out of the snow before we are? Whoa!

Sid - I'm think of trying some sweet peas this spring. I'm not sure when of my tulip beds are going to do too well this year, I left my bulbs in over the summer, that may have been a bad move. Time will tell, there is a lot of greenery, but buds?