Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Dawn of Hope

Today I was extremely proud to be an American. Today we stepped in to a new tomorrow, and wow, it felt darn good.

Last night I went to bed knowing a new dawn would break for America when I woke up. When I got to work I hurried through my prep so I could take fifteen minutes and listen, feel, and embrace this new day. My gracious Aretha can torture a song now can’t she?

As I listened to Obama take his oath of office my heart smiled. As he delivered his inaugural speech tears began rolling down my cheeks (I had worn blush to work.) As I listened to people choked with emotion and joy I could hear the land sigh relief.

Not all felt that cleansing breath, some took their moment to comment, “I see the stockmarket fell another 326 points today. I thought Obama was going to fix that?” I understand their bitterness, I felt pretty numb with stunned disillusionment when the weed took his second oath of office.

“Ah, he’s just a politician and politicians are all in it for money and crooked.”

The ailments and wrongs of and by America cannot be fixed with an oath. What was broken over years cannot be fixed in a week or even a year. But was has begun to heal is the spirit of Americans who want to believe we can, we will. Yes, we shall.

Politics and hope in an underdog make strange bedfellows. My morning DJ may have said it best, “Like Christmas music, you rarily get a new patriotic song that standsout.” David Foster and Will.i.am worked to create what I think is one of the most beautiful, new patriotic pieces I’ve ever heard (But America the Beautiful is still the best.)

America’s Song – featuring David Foster, Will.i.am, Faith Hill, Seal, Bono, and Mary J Blige. Thank you Oprah and Harpo Productions, and of course YouTube.

My America, Your America, Our America, is beautiful to me!

To a new tomorrow,


Anonymous said...

I agree with with your sentiments. Here's to the next 2,919 days. OK, a bit optimistic there...here's to the next 1,459 days. ;-)

Phoenix Touch said...


Thank you.

Stole it and put it on mine too! :)

JulieAnn said...

When was the last time you heard a president speak like that?

I can't think of a time, either.

I am just in awe and feel a sense of hope and exitement about our country. While I don't see President Obama as a panacea for all, I see him as a vital spoke in the wheel of change coming around the bend--for us as a country, and for many as individuals.

D.C. Confidential said...

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yes. We. Can.

foundinidaho said...

Yes. We. Did!

Still happy just thinking about the fact that today the President gave his weekly address and he sounded so calm, serene and SMART!

Cele said...

Shiggy I like your positive thinking - here's to all things good for President Obama and America starting today.

Abgue, wasn't that touching?

JA - The sense of hope is palatable. And you are right he won't fix every wrong tomorrow, the fact that he wants to fix things, has begun fixing things, and wants what is right is far more than we've had in years.

Tewkes - it was simply beautiful and touching, wasn't it?

Shiggy - You said it Bro.

Fii - Wow, who would have thought we'd be happy just because our President sounded intelligent.
Yes we are.

Anonymous said...

Either I'm really spiteful and small-minded, or I've been lulled into a sense of mediocrity for the past eight years with the underwhelming performance of that fuckwit named Bush... but either way, it feels to me that Obama has directed more positive changes in a week than Bush and his cronies could ever have imagined, let alone tried to stage a photo-op.

(and THAT is the biggest run-on sentence of my day so far)

Cele said...

Sid, the actions that Obama has taken from the moment of his election speak volumes more than the Shrub did through out his dis-administation. The only think that Bush did right was his graceful exit from office. Compared to the striff and friction in change from the Clinton to Bush administrations this was refreshing in comparison.