Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Stars are Falling, The Stars are Falling

Stars intrigue me, captivate me, and mesmerize me. Anyone who knows me for long, knows this – I can stare up at the stars for hours on end. I can’t talk a lot about them knowledgeably (thought that hasn’t stopped me) but I love listening to people who know about stars. And Sky and Telescope’s Sky At A Glance is a weekly stop for me on the internet. I want to know what star is brightest where in what part of the sky. I’m hooked since childhood.

So earlier this week I’d heard a program, or maybe it was last week, that said when something is hurtling through space (think asteroids, comets, and other large propelled objects) but you see it in the sky as stationary, that means it’s hurtling towards earth. Oh joy. It gives pause to thought on the gazilla…trilla…bazillions of stars out there that seemingly don’t move (unless you go in the house for an hour then come back out.)

The street I drive off highway 101 to get to and from work logically runs west to east and in the evening back again. Duh! Tonight the sky was clear and dark with hundreds of brilliant stars twinkling (in their stationary mode) in the sky. Beautiful. I could see Venus hanging in the southwest a mere five degrees to the upper left of the sickled moon that was low towards the ocean’s horizon end.

I drove west towards 101 and watched the moon and Venus seemingly fall out of the sky. So rapidly that I had to stop for a moment (slow road) and get my bearings. Watching Venus and the Moon fall from the sky momentarily side swiped me and I had to regain my bearings (whoa dude, unhinged vertigo) so I could drive the remaining nine tenths of a mile home and climb in my hot tub.

Thank God the Moon and Venus are still in the sky. Well okay the Moon has gone to bed, but if I were rowing towards China, it’d be there. Now I need a Kahlua.


The photo is from Spaceweather


foundinidaho said...

You are so lucky to live in a pretty place like that! I live in a pretty place, but no ocean. That would make where I live perfect.

I'm thinking a vacation trip to the Oregon Coast may be in order. We did it a couple of years ago and it was awesome.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Last night I worked late and when I walked out of the office, I looked up and there was the moon with the bright sliver at the bottom, and below it was Venus. It was amazingly cool. The moon had a glow around it in a circle. Ethereal. :)

Steven said...

Sounds like you might have seen your fair share of falling stars in your time. Any of those wishes come true that you wished upon those falling stars?

All this time I thought you were trying to hide your laugh when you were looking toward the sky at Sid's. When you were only staring at the stars. ;-)

Cele said...

To all I'm sorry I took so long to comment, I do appreciate your friendships and words of support.

Fii - I do love the Pacific Northwest - specifically my neck of it, but Idaho offers some truly beautiful lands - and skys almost as big as Montanas. You will love the Oregon Coast.

SML - long time not see girl. You definately have the skies for watching stars. I've only been able to admire the night sky in Montana once before, but it was breath taking.

Steve - I prefer to laugh with people not at people. I've been the butt of many jokes myself. I'm more of an eye roller. But when speaking with people I have a tendancy to close my eyes so I can really hear what they are saying. I think that translates into, "She's been a DJ too long and is going deaf." I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation that night and look forward to more.