Thursday, December 11, 2008

Talk Thursday: Colourful Celebration

This is all about me. I love COLOUR which doesn’t explain why most of my walls are white. I love Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, and Christmas cookies with lots of cream cheese frosting (hint, hint Pam.)

Saturday my mom, Pinecone, and I met in Eugene for lunch and a wee bit of Christmas shopping (which translates in to a two hour lunch and two hours of wandering around World Market in lust.) Lunch was an incredibly indulgent affair that included three glasses of non-ice tea (just for me,) two huge plates of nachos (one for me and one for mom) and lots of girl talk. The two hours in World Market included oohing and aahing over teapots, boxes of tea, assorted napkins, Cadbury chocolate, and a new entry table for my mom.

All this whiling about was to burn enough time to be able to see all the Christmas lights lit up on the 60 plus mile drive home. There is one gentleman at the eastern base of Badger Mountain (the state calls it Cougar Pass, but everyone else knows it as Badger Mountain – just saying) this man goes all out. It began with a few candy cane striped trees, now it’s a colourful Christmas wonderland. The lights go up beginning on Thanksgiving (I know this because three trees were lit that Thursday night.) Saturday night the lights were Fabulous with an incredible capital F. Walton had gone all out with five or six houses in the middle of nowhere lit bright enough to be noticed from the International Space Station.

Sunday was spent decorating the tree. It used to be our ornaments were mostly handmade and treasures from my childhood. Today I have developed a love of red and crystal. When we built our new room (Ducky calls it the Christmas room) we bought a prelit Christmas tree, the lights are all clear and frosted to which I add a string of twinkling coloured lights (for Ducky – he would like more twinkle.) My sister several years ago gave me a collection of spun glass hearts, then I bought some blown glass angels, to which my mom added three more. And what is this pre occupation with red beads? I am not partial to the colour red, but red beads on my tree – in love. Red beads in my garland – in love. Deep red or burgundy Christmas balls – frosted or satin in texture – in love. And when did this pre-occupation with garland begin? I have no clue but I spend hours putting up garland and red beads. Garland and red and beige ornaments. Garland and Christmas lights. It’s become un-proportional and I totally love it.

Over the last few holiday seasons Ducky’s aunt and uncle, Turg and Veggie (you had to be there,) have gifted us a house for a village scene. This is the first year I have put it all together (not successfully), plugged it in to watch the festive Victorian scene on my table.

The pointsettias are red, and pink, and white (and a little bruised.) The bowl of ornaments on my table are gold and green, and gorgeous reds – with yes, red beads. But the outside of my boring. No lights. No garland. And the only red beads are on the door swag. Maybe this weekend the colourful lights and cedar boughs will go up. We’ll see.

I wish you a happy, colour filled holiday season.


afod said...

I am glad to hear that you had an indulgence opportunity with your mother. It sounds like you had a great time. And your Christmas tree and decorations for the season sure puts one in the mood for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

foundinidaho said...

So pretty! My house is in a state of shambles due to preparing to vacation and move yet again - not very festive. You made me feel more in the spirit.

Cele said...

Steve - it is always good to indulge the senses and the heart. Have a Happy Christmas!

Fii - I like that Fii - my grandmother's nickname was FeFe or as one of my syblings once called her Pee Pee. Of task again. It always amazes me people can make order out of chaos after moving. Good luck. Have a Happy Holidays and deck them halls girl.

BTW I'm sure you bother are neck deep in more snow than me. :)

Phoenix Touch said...

Aw sweetie! Way to do TT proud! I feel sad that my TT came while I paced the hospital halls. Thank you for being solid! I love the Christmas Room!