Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get Out The Vote

It is finally here, thank goodness, I’m tired of the years long, contentious, bickering, slandering, throw the American people under the train, it’s all for the party political season. My leanings and support of Barack Obama (even though I continually slaughter his name) are no secret. For the most part he has run a clean campaign, a fact for which I am grateful.

Being an Oregonian I voted several days ago, I adore mail in elections. I am glad to see that more and more states are moving towards extended voting periods. To all those who think their voice doesn’t count, shut up and think again. Get out and vote.

If you have exercised your right to vote, I thank you. If you haven’t, please do it now. In the future use a paper ballot, it’s your right, request it. While I doubt the all of the conspiracy theories out there about how elections are being stolen, I do believe there is a strong basis of fact to the theories. I just don’t believe all the theories. Today will be a test; tonight will be telling. And I’m curious why there hasn’t been a big out cry in the courts if there is such strong evidence. But I do advocate paper ballots as a way to make sure that your vote isn’t stolen by electronic polling machines. Maybe the entire country should do it like Wilton, New Hampshire where votes are hand counted, visually certified, and butt protected in a four person process to protect from election fraud.

Please get out and vote.


Dingo said...

I voted!

There were problems at my voting booth. People who've been voting in the same place for years found they were not on the rolls. They refused provisional ballots because really, most of them are never counted.

I'm watching the news about voting issues in several states and it's alarming. It's 2008. Can't we get this right?

Cele said...

Hey Greetings Dingo. You want to be really terrified? Watch these interviews with Stephen Spoonameire on Youtube. I have a very good friend who is an elections activitist that led me to this information, terrifying.

Can we get this right? Yes, we can. But we need to be extremely vocal and vigilant.

And again, welcome.