Thursday, October 16, 2008

Talk Thursday: Soothing Naturals

It’s been one of those life times this week, but that’s another blog. Thursday nights begin with dinner out, one week with my mother and grandmother, the next with my girlfriend Leigh. Tonight it was Italian with my mom and grandmother; Leigh had clients. Ducky spends Thursday nights in the Valley.

We met at six at 1258 Ristorante on Bay Street, formerly a small pizza shop, 1258 offers two small menus: one pasta, the other pizzas. Tonight it was baked lasagna for two of us; my grandmother had seafood pasta. First the noodles were uneven (don’t ask). Then there were only three scallops, and three prawns in the mix (okay so that might be a legitimate gripe.) Then it was too hot, the breeze was cold (reasonable gripe, I got up and close the window.) Then for dessert we split a slice of chocolate cheesecake (divine.) Grandma doesn’t like cheesecake. Who knew?

Fog hung in thick patches along Bay Street as we parted way and drove in opposite directions for home. The just past full, the moon’s light brightened the night air, above the fog stars twinkled in the October sky. It’s been a while since I pulled out my suit and slipped into the hot tub, but tonight was the night. Walking on to the deck in the dark I could see the fog over the gate. Stepping out onto the steps I was suddenly drenched in moonlight. Hot, bubbling water beckoned; stepping over the edge of the tub I let myself sink into the warmth. I closed my eyes and let the peace wash over me, silent peace accented by the bubbling water that enveloped me.

Stars above the trees winkled through the fog at me. The bright moon illuminated the fog and air. I was at peace. Within ten minutes I began sweating away the poisons in my system. Fifteen minutes and my legs and feet floated up to the top of the water carefree. Twenty minutes later the soothing water had naturally erased the stress and strain of my week.

What do people do without a hot tub?



JulieAnn said...

Ooh, ooh, I have a hot tub! Course, it's a jet tub in my bathroom...

yes, Cele, I'm back. (and so is Wanker) More to come....


afod said...

Sounds like a nice get-away after an exhausting day at work. Just remember to have the drink within reach because you hate to get out once you're in. ;-)

Cele said...

JulieAnn - welcome back, it was kind of quiet without you around.

Steve - you have to get you a hot tub, just imagine all that Illinois snow viewed from a hot tub. Delightful. And yes I hate to get out after I'm in.