Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm a Solar the making

My, er, I mean Ducky’s Lily garden is on the verge of blooming. Each week I fall more in love with the garden, and Ducky falls more and more out of love with mowing the lawn. The fact we mow my mom’s acre of lawn every Wednesday night, has probably helped facilitate this disillusionment with grass.
Now we’re in lust with the idea of creating a second garden opposite the walk from the lily garden. I’ve been rallying for a bench and birdbath; Ducky is rallying against the birdbath, but has suggested – several times, a fountain. When I originally suggested a fountain opposite the lily garden I was joking, with this plaza/California mission plaza surrounding a fountain (minus the mission) in mind. I truly thought that he would know I was joking.

Apparently not.

We have an energy guzzling hot tub (really it’s not that bad, our bill is still below $90 in the winter.) So I really want a green water feature, minus the algae and mosquitoes. During a break this afternoon, I Googled Solar Powered Water Features. Wow! I am sooo getting a solar powered fountain (or two.) They are beautiful, water music green.

So now the problem is which to get? I like this one for the garden. Paired with a bench, a chain tree, and a garden it should cap off my personal oasis.

The hot tub area has always been a “no grow” area for grass. Ducky got our steps in from the deck to the tub. Now I am wrapping a paver walk around it. But you know the lawn just next to the hot tub on the backyard side is kind of crappy and since the neighbor killed my rose fence there is no privacy. Ducky is going to build a privacy/wind screen, but noooo, I want a pseudo arbor complete with Wisteria – so why don’t I paver all the way to the screen? It creates less dead grass to mow (and water.) And, oh kewl, the need for another solar powered water feature – or three. Because wouldn’t this look lovely, here ↑.

I’m on my way, Ducky’s on board for the garden fountain. Kewl, me.