Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 Reedsport Chainsaw Sculpting Championships

This weekend, well, really starting Thursday, June 12th, was the Ninth Annual Chainsaw Sculpting Championships in Reedsport. The four day event is the first stop on the Echo Cup Challenge circuit. For me and Burp this is a must do event Ducky is suffereing a bad cold so didn't go with us this year, instead my mom went.

The talent comes from across the globe, this year there were several artist from England and Japan, one or two from Canada, Germany, Austraila, and of course many from the states.

This year's Championships carving theme was A Fish Tale. So the main carving pieces held some sort of a fish related theme. My favorites are the ones that weave in comical moose and

bear into the scene,

because really what is a chainsaw carving Championship without a flycasting moose, or a scuba diving bear?

Several carvers drew on real life charactures, from literature, and movies. A splendid sculture of the boy riding the water horse didn't photograph well enough to show you the detail.

A sculptor from Eureka, California captured this wonderful Neptune and a sea serpent.

I thought my mother was going to buy a bench at one point, it would look beautiful on her property. But she walked away without one. Now I am waiting to see if she will go back next year and make up for the one she didn't buy. This one has water fountains in the arm rest.

Overall Burp thought it was a good day, of course that is because it came with exceptionally good hot dogs.



Jazzy said...

Great pictures! I love the boat. What great detail. I am always amazed by what the artists can do with a chainsaw. Thanks for sharing.

Phoenix Touch said...

WOW!!! They did all that beautiful artwork with chainsaws?!?! Who woulda thunk it!

Cele said...

Jazzy, I liked the boat too. There were some there that just took my breath away, the work caught the spirit in the wood. Amazing

Abgue, yep chainsaws and blowtorches. Awesome.