Friday, June 06, 2008

Talk Thursday – In My Room – Or oh my Gawd I can’t believe I wrote this – WARNING ELICIT CONTENT.

I am totally stepping out of my comfort level here.

He entered my room knowing he would get what he wanted, seduction his tool, sex the end game. Flickering candles on the nightstands and bureau created just the right ambiance in the moment. My chemise was a delicate crepe with lace riding just above my nipples, peaked under the textured cloth. His cool cotton with a nubby grain. My finger tips lead my palms up his chest stopping for a moment at the vee of his shirt. Snap. Gliding through the second. Snap. Soon followed by the third, then fourth - Snap. Snap. The shirt fell to the floor in a heap, soon joined by his levis, socks, and finally his briefs.

Our discussion devolved into murmurs and sighs punctuating caresses, kisses, and nibbles as hands and fingers roamed, discovered, and explored. My fingers running up his back began kneading knotted muscles. Rolling him flat on his belly I worked my fingers along his spinal erectors. Lotion warmed under my fingers as they worked along his back and hips, then down lower along his cheeks and thighs. Breath warmed the lotion more as I held him captive by my attentions. My lips soon were followed by lingua gently touching, searching, seeking between his thighs. My teeth nibbled delicate bites along his gluts, eliciting moans that satisfied my soul and Intent. Fingertips teased his thighs while never giving absolution to his want.

With intent and command I rolled him on to his back, straddling his chest with my thighs, and kissed him deeply. My glossa explored his mouth, sucking his, my teeth tugging his lower lip, my eyes holding his with taunt desire. Running the tip of my tongue down his chin it trailed along his breast bone gently moving to the west to suck his nipple into my mouth, teeth gently grazing edges working it into a harden peak. His belly was warm under my cheek, taunt in anticipation of my movement, hoping, wanting, needing commitment of my actions.

Instead my tongue and teeth moved further south, working the length of his thighs, working the sensitive skin at the bottom of his cheeks with my teeth then soothing them with long, soft licks. Candlelight warmed the silhouette of my breast and nipples running across his skin while tongue and lips moved higher licking, nibbling, kissing, and caressing – sucking in, easing him back out of my mouth. My fingers gliding, gripped as my breath heated the lotion under my fingers and lips. Slowly rising I moved along his hips enveloping his length, thrusting down to move him inside me, hard, hot, filling. I move up again, then down. Sitting straight up my fingers run to his nipples, followed by my tongue and teeth as I bend to tease his east.

I rise up again freeing him for my mouth and teeth that move teasingly around, licking and sucking him in, he moans. My lips capture his left sack and suck it into my mouth before moving on to the right. My tongue again runs the shaft before I rise up to settle down once again, thrusting him deep with a strong rapid movement that catches him and his breathe by surprise. A series of seductive, compelling movements that hold him willing captive to my demand and his growing need.

His body and swift intakes of breathe let me know the moment of his release is near. I take him to the edge one last time, then hold off the promised end game. I pause, then lick, tease, then kiss, caress, and taunt with lips, teeth, hands, breathe, gleaning our juices from him before once again moving into position to thrust down deep on to him, taking his whole length into me in a satisfying frenzied of movement and sensation that peaks in an electric moment of satisfied lust, love, and emotion.

And our tired smiles.

Oh god tell me that wasn’t too bodice ripper, please.


Anonymous said...

Wow. . . Apparently, "In Your Room," just leads everyone to sex. Who'd-a-thunk?

Anonymous said...

Good god mother!! I might get in trouble for reading this at work. If I get fired, I get my old room right???? hehehe

Love you


Cele said...

Hey Shiggy I am thinking Jenn didn't realize what she was starting.

Psam, you're blog surfing at work, it must be quiet in the ER. You better clear the history. Really good, I wish you were online and could join us for Talk Thursdays.

Phoenix Touch said...

Ummmm... whew! HOT!

LynnBlossom said...

Yipes! Not only is this HOT, it is brilliantly, beautfully written. This is the real thing, Cele.

I don't think Jennifer had any idea what this topic would bring, so to speak. I'm next to choose and frankly I'm a little intimidated. Whew!

Anonymous said...

Yowza, Cele!

I need to go cool off in the swimming pool, now :)

Cele said...

First to let everybody know, this piece is much better than originally written because Shiggy was so nice to proof it for me and point out some really obtuse spots. Shiggy thank you.

Shiggy, yep I'm thinking Jenn didn't know the monster she was going to create. Until I read your post I didn't either.

Psam, to everyone say, "Hi" to Psam (Kris) my daughter. Yes your room is always open, but really you love your job.

Abgue, thank you, I sweated bullets over this one, and then posting it, oy.

Lynblossom, thank you I consider that quite a compliment coming from you.

And Sid, you were way hot before you read this, but thank you, your writing always inspires me to do more, bigger, and badder. I'm glad mine at least heated you up.

To all of you thank you for being a part of Talk Thursday, I love this group.