Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Despite Me the Flowers Survived... So Far

So when I got into the hot tub the wine was warmer than the water. I kid you not, well okay I exagerate an itty bit, the hot tub was at 89, the wine was red at room temperature. So I didn't stay in long. Sunday afternoon we drained the hot tub, moved it a foot west and a foot north to please the electrical inspector and then refilled it. The water is now 103. Ahhhh.

The baskets, despite having been bathed exhuberantly early in their life, are doing quite well thank you. The flowers are still on the Bacopa, the Lobelia is still up right and still seemingly wanting to bud.

Maybe my lily, er I mean Ducky's lily garden won't be a bust after all. Aren't the green and white tulips kewl?



shinshige said...

Yay for the flowers and yay or the green thumb, in spite of yourself. ;)

Phoenix Touch said...

I am totally LOVING your tulips!!!

Cele said...

Shiggy if the carpet shampoo doesn't kill them I may have to develop a new gardening elixir.

Abgue I'm totally loving my tulips. Thank heavens they are one of Ducky's favorites. In a few short weeks they'll be replaced with petunias (his other garden favorite.)

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Love the flower pics. I will have to put some up on my site. :-)

sideon said...

Awesome. Our hanging baskets here keep drying out, even after doing the drop system thingee. Grrr and double grrrr.

Your flower pics are great!

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Pretty, can't wait to see them in person! :)

Cele said...

Cyn thank you I love taking flower pictures, it's even better when they are my flowers.

Sid, try putting part of a pamper in the bottom of your baskets. Take the top cover off, but leave the bottom.

JA, the Executive room is waiting for you, the tulips....probably not.