Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chocolate Crisis!

As you know Ducky and I are on diets. He has consistently lost three pounds a week for three weeks running, and is two pounds down this week with weigh-in not coming up until Sunday night (for him). I on the other hand lost two pounds the first week, two pounds the second week, went strict vegetarian last week and upped my Cross Trainer time by five minutes a day and lost NADA!

I was so discouraged, and craving chocolate, that I told Ducky I was going to eat an ear off his bunny.

“Dude, Easter was like, so March. Off Bugs already.”

But I found some resistance to offing the Bunny.


Those kewl little foil covered Dove chocolate eggs that I filled his Easter basket with. Yes, those and some of the little, itty bitty speckled malted milk eggs were still hanging around (but they give me indigestion, so they were safe.) I grabbed about six Dove eggs from inside the teacup where I’d stashed them (so they wouldn’t be a temptation) and thought they’d be great at staving off suicide by chocolate. The foil I found was very resistant to my attempts to eat said chocolate.

So now I have a new use for the picky end of my Dental Flosser. Picking at the ends of the foil to free the egg.

Next year I’m buying foiless chocolate eggs.


Now I’m going to go polish my lamp


Phoenix Touch said...


Hey! Chocolate is SO good for you! Get yourself some good high-end quality dark chocolate to nibble on occasionally. So good for the heart!!!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...
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J.M. Tewkesbury said...

There are few crises that warrant all-out panic in my book, but the lack of chocolate and/or the inability to rapidly unwrap chocolate completely and fully justifies panic. Speaking of which, where are my OREOs?

Hey! You there. Bee... Come back here with my OREOs, dammit!

P.S. I'm a sadistic woman. At Easter, I like eating only the ears off the bunny and at Christmas, I like biting the head off of the Santa Claus. That's it. The rest I leave for someone else to eat. :-)

Cele said...

Abgue, chocolate is good for you if it's dark, personally I'm a milk chocolate person, but some Hersey's Special is good on occasion. Of course any chocolate but Palmer's is good in a pinch.

Tewkes, eating only the ears, ha ha I love it. At first I was going to eat just the bunny tail, but well Ducky found me eating bunny ass rather hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cele - Lynnski here - Chocolate is essential for sanity which you need in spades to endure a diet. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm enjoying yours as well, and I want to join your fan club.

I love the pictures of your flowers.


Anonymous said...

I can't live without chocolate! Everything in moderation - and 6 Dove eggs fit into that category in my book.

I'm still giggling about your clean plants. I loved your positive ending.

- Jenniphur