Friday, April 11, 2008

I Left My Thighs In San Francsico – I Know Wishful Thinking

For those you who worried about rain in Frisco may I say, “Jump on in the sunshine’s great, just wear some good SPF’s.”

I journeyed into Frisco to revisit the sights just before mid day. If I could have stopped I would have in the middle of the 680 there is an awesome view of San Francisco surrounded by the bay that is stunning. But I’m a thinking the commuters buzzing at 75mph around me probably would have be a bit ticked at my inaction. The sky wasn’t smog free but it was blue, the sun was sparkling off the bay and the day was an awesome 77.

I drove Mission street in search of a parking garage, and was lucky to find (I think) the one that Sid had mentioned at Seventh and Mission. Then I trekked it back down the hill to the Yerba Buena Gardens. A very lovely green spot in the heart of downtown Frisco across Mission from the Moscone Center.

The park was filled with every shape of person, a bevy of birds, and flowers galore. I tend to be one of those people who stops to ooh, ahh, and snaps a picture of each pretty flower that catches my eye. And if flowers aren’t available, then birds will do. Today it was Cowbirds, Starlings, and Gulls in abundance in the gardens, totally undaunted by the sunbathers, lunchers, and snoozers.

I was chugging my ass back up Mission Street when I realized I really should have parked much closer. Despite having only a Mocha and no lunch, I’m pretty certain my chubby hips are just were they were when I woke up this morning. They just have a bit more endurance now, damn there are a lot of stairs.

Picking a street I drove east and somehow through a series of random turns I ended up at the top of Lombard Street. I have no clue how, in fact it was the view of Alcatraz I was after. Cresting a hill I was stunned by the beautiful, reach right out and touch it, view. It was only after I found a place to park to take some photos did I realize I was at Lombard Street. The view, wonderful.

Then it was back down to the Embarcadero in search of a Baseball Cap for Ducky’s collection. Oh, mi gawd the guy has dozens. How we didn’t get one from Frisco the last time we were there is beyond me, but he’s got one now. I also bought his birthday present, a signed and frame Whitey Ford photo. Whitey Ford being his favorite (back when) player.

Now I am just exhausted, well you be sunshine fresh after getting lost in Oakland. Don’t ask. I’m off for pizza.



Phoenix Touch said...

What gorgeous pics! It sounds/looks like the weekend was a huge good time! YAY!

Cele said...

Abgue, San Francisco is always a great place to take photos. I'd love to shoot fog there.

afod said...

Great photos showing some familliar shots.