Friday, April 11, 2008

The House of Water

Do you ever find yourself in those situations that so live up to your expectations that you want to pinch yourself? Exactly.

Who would have thought Indian take out would be so wonderful? Well especially after the last time I had Indian fare in the Lakes District. Ugh to say the least. But tonight I was treated to good food, friends, and wine at Palazzo Pentozzi. Awesome. I don’t know what 90 percent of what we ate was, but I can identify the rice and peas, Aam, and loved the stuff Sid referred to as Madonna Breasteseseses. But I am jumping ahead of myself.

I started my day out in a funk. I had no clue what I was destined to do after my daily trip through blogdom, except some thong shopping at Sunvalley Mall. After finding a friendly guy at the pumping station (Oregonians don’t pump their own gas, I’m sure it’s kind of a Keystone Cops episode watching me even try) to fill up my car (which is a whole ‘nother blog…with pictures) I headed off to shop. I am seriously considering an exercise regime after today, I am grossly out of shape. Two laps around the mall and I was in pain. I made myself walk up every stair, I avoided all ramps and elevators…it was torture. But I have six new pairs of panties, two shirts, a tank top, and a pair of pants to show for it. I discovered I have a clothes horse gene in latent development.

I returned to my room, to find once again I couldn’t get the slider key thingie to work. You know how eel skin demagnetizes credit cards? I think my butt demagnetizes slider cards, this is the third time I had to get the manager to do my door (I really think he followed because he wanted my yogurt parfait.) Cooling off in my room, it was a whole blazing 75 degrees outside (hey I’m from Oregon it rarely gets that hot) I ate my yogurt parfait and blogged away wasting as much time possible until it was time to buy wine and drive to Palazzo Pentozzi.

Sid was just arriving home (with said Indian take out) as I was pulling up. In fact I waited on the doorstep to welcome him home, idiot wanted to shake my hand. Huh? I’m a hugger dude. Sid’s sister and her friend, in town to celebrate the Sidly 4-0, arrived shortly there after. And Scott rounded out the party of five.

Scott gave me a tour of Palazzo Pentozzi, inside and out, with its solar panels, wood floors, outdoor living space and wonderful rooms. Inside Sid was delving into covered creations emitting tantalizing steam and scents. With a toast to good friends and food the night had begun, the food devoured, laughter ensued. That and a lot of ball throwing for Midas. Soon Julz and her beau arrived to join in the merriment and conversation.

Palazzo Pentozzi: A house of love and warmth that dances to the endless music of splashing water.



Anonymous said...

Your post title, along with your introductory sentence had me worried a bit, considering all the rain we've been getting here. I'm glad your morning funk gave way to an enjoyable time with everyone. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. :-)

Cele said...

Steve I hope you got to hear what I heard. When the music and laughter wasn't ringing out, you could hear soothing happy water splashing from the water fountain. I could listen to it forever.