Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Flying in a Nine Month of a Nine Year – Pictures at Eleven

Tomorrow morning I fly out at Don’s Butt crack to visit the Don himself. I am uber (a word I never use) excited. I have been mentally planning this trip for a year, since Sid and Sister Mary Lisa talked last year about doing a Blogger Anonymous meeting. Ex-Cit-ed-ed-ed-ed. Can’t wait.

I have no clue who is showing up but I know I get to meet finally, face to face, two of my favorite people; of course the illustrious Sideon and Mr. Scott, and fabulous JulieAnn is flying out Friday with Mr. T. Wanker. I had originally planned a five-day trip with Ducky to the wonderful Bay Area, but he can’t go so I’m flying out tomorrow morning at 6am by myself. Which could be a good thing for Ducky this is a nine-year for me. I actually flew in a nine year, nine month, nine day and nothing happened back in 1999 so hmmm, I’m feeling a bit safe. I’ll leave my rings at home. Just incase I’m a thinkin’.

So I have the whole week off, the first vacation I’ve had for over a year and a half. Sincerely. I need this so much. What do I do? Well I started out well intended, I spent the weekend with Ducky and Burp in the hot tub. Ahhhh! It is Spalicious, though it could probably go up a degree. Sunday morning I thought, “Heck I’m going to meet a whole bunch of people I want to impress this next week, so I think I will cut my hair.” Sunday morning I spent approximately half an hour in the bathroom cutting off two inches of hair (in some places, one in others.) How is that for confidence? You think that is nuts? Oh no. Yesterday the insanity began. I shampooed my carpeting, well all but one room – if I shampooed my 27 year old bedroom carpet it would dissolve. Now the carpet smells vinegary fresh. Then I went and shampooed my mother’s den. Now her carpet smells vinegary fresh. Some people use lemon, I add white vinegar to cut pet (I am owned by a Basset) and other odors that might remain after being doused with gallons of hot carpet cleaner. Now my back is killing me, so back in the hot tub. Ahhhh! Yep, still Spalicious.

My packing is now half way done, I’m short socks, could use another pair of jeans. Ha ha, Ducky thinks I should take something besides jeans, this from the man who wears NOTHING BUT 501 Levis. Girl Scout’s honor. So I threw in my hippie skirt. I land at SFO at 8 something Wednesday morning and have nothing on my agenda before Saturday night. Well what the heck do you do, by yourself for five whole days in Frisco? First I am driving to Shingle Springs to do lunch with my cousin Jeannie Beth who I’ve not seen since I moved to Germany. Ummm, that was three decades ago. By the time I get back I should be able to check in to my room and watch Ghost Hunters.

Sid and Scott have generously offered to spend some of my spare time with them. So I am spending a portion of Thursday with Sid and family. How incredibly open and inviting. The skirt will work well here.

Friday, well Friday is going to be spent with my camera. Sid suggest the Yerba Buena Gardens and waterfalls. I am so excited. Tewkes will need a post card, and Burp wants a smooshed penny or two, and for Ducky a Frisco baseball cap (how we forgot one on our last trip is beyond me.) Plus a kewl something for my mom, because she is wonderful.

Saturday, I’m not sure what the heck I am doing, I hope sleeping in really late. Then some food, maybe some more food, a walk to get rid of the food, and then being terrified to meet a whole bunch of new people I want to meet. My plane leaves SFO Sunday morning at 8:25, which means being at SFO by 6:30, therefore awake by 5 and out of the hotel by 5:30. Yes folks being female I can do that and still have eyeliner and hair in place.

Ah, Vacation, everyone should do this more often.


Phoenix Touch said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Sounds SUPER fun! I imagine ya'all will enjoy yourselves thoroughly.
Much love,
Angie (Abgue)

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Yes, be afraid...be very afraid! ha ha ha I just can't wait to see you. Your Friday sounds fun, maybe you could share the locale of that place? Sounds wonderful.