Sunday, April 06, 2008

I Wish This Was A Diet

We finally got our hot tub in. We’ve been giving this to each other for a few anniversaries past and knowing the total price, a few future ones as well. But ahhhh, it is so worth it. My sister and brother-in-law have had one for years, in fact half of mine and Ducky’s first real date was spent there (after a really bad movie, they’re right White Men Can’t Jump.) Ducky’s sister and our Bro-in-law have had one for about a year now. And of course Sid and Scott have one and a pool. But I’m not going the pool route, I mean this is the Oregon Coast, with our high water table pools pop up out of the ground or flood with sediment.

So Ducky and Burp! Laid out and dug the foundation.

Then we had a guy pour the pad.

Then they delivered the hot tub.

Then Bro-in-law and Ducky did the wiring. (Ducky's picture removed from here)

Then I filled it. And ahhhhh! Burp jumped in.

Last night I floated in the tub for an hour (because you know fat floats.) I’d turned the spa’s light out and just floated in the dark. Ahhh, what heaven. A light rain was falling (I borrowed one of Ducky’s ball caps) and interesting experience I’d not been sure I’d like, but wow, awesome.

I still don’t have a privacy screen, but we turned the tub so the cover offers some seclusion. And of course I turned out the lights.

Now if this was a diet, I’d do it for life.



Phoenix Touch said...

Somehow, I am thinking this IS diet! :)

JulieAnn Henneman said...

So....when can I come clean your house? Do I have a couch? :)

Cele said...

Abgue definately a diet, I'm sweating it off.

Juls, while I have a couch you can't sleep on it...I have a guest well Ducky calls it the Executive Room. So jump in, it's Spalicious.