Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cele’s Six Question Television Meme, shamelessly lifted from Sick Rick

A sick Rick sat in a room with a television and (I’m assuming command of the remote) and reaffirmed his opinion and emotions about the television, television programming and its effects on today’s Rick. Then he challenged us to contemplate the same. Ergo, I am.

Here is Ricks Five Television Question Meme… But I’m adding a question so now it is Cele’s Six Question Television Question Meme

#1 - Name 3 bad things about television? (Maybe this is really a comment about the division of Americans in general.)
a) People allow today’s television to think for them. Political opinion comes from the network and cable talking heads. A person is guilty (far before trial-we've suspended a basic American concept of innocent until proven guilty) because someone says so, and hammers us with this opinion constantly.
b) One hundred and fifty choices and nothing to watch but reruns (er, the world according to Ducky.)
c) The loss of family hour. I remember watching the World According to Dave one night and hearing Ass used six times in one episode. After that it seemed like bitch, bastard, bad ass, and hell were suddenly common place, family hour faire. I cuss like a long haul trucker and was offended. (ergo, I’m one of double standards.)

#2 - Why do you watch television, when you do?
Mostly to spend time with Ducky, I’m a computer person, he’s a TV person. I am, I suspect, of the minority that watches approximately 1 hour of television a night or less – unless college football or baseball is on.)

#3 - Name three television dramas that you like. What makes each unique.
a) Oregon Duck Football (if you don’t think this is drama ask Rick about the Oregon / Oklahoma bowl game.) Fresh, frustrating, current.
b) NCIS (when its not reruns) I like the topics, discovery and technique is not far fetched, good character chemistry – oh and it’s on before 9pm.
c) China Beach (you didn’t say on TV today) I loved the characters, the content, the humanization of the war.

#4 - What's one of the worst things about television today?
I doubt I can keep this at one. The dumbing down of America – the loss of family hour – commonplace sick, depredating humor

#5 - What's one of the better things about television today?
The instantaneous news coverage

#6 – What three television programs would you bring back?
a) Farscape
b) Joan of Arcadia
c) Mysteries of the Bible

Do you have a question to add? Question my sanity? Or just want to play? Please do and let me know when and where.


Anonymous said...

The bowl was one thing . . . but the game Oregon stole from us due to corrupt officiating is the game I'll never forget and never forgive. That game kept us out of the national championship.

Good meme . . .

Cele said...

It was a totally frustrating bowl game with bad officiating all the way around. I think it would have been a great game without the officials, and who knows who would have won?

Anonymous said...

Cele, don't hate me but I haven't mailed off your morning glory seeds yet! Gah. I have the same affliction as my birth-mother: package labeled and ready to go and cart it with you everywhere and never remember to go to the post office. GAH.

I'll do this tv thingee meme sometime soon - but I'm even in a lower pecentile since I watch maybe 1 hour a WEEK.