Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blog Rating, schmating, I'm flumoxed

Earlier this week Tewkes found a kewl little blog tool for rating her blog. So you know me, had to copy. I tried, I tried, I tried to copy the code for my blog yesterday. Drats, it was smarter than I was. So I tried again this morning. VoilĂ ! It finally copied.

So if you are curious I ranked at Junior High Level. Wow, that simple? I was kind of amazed. I note that Phoenix rated Junior High, too.

blog readability test

I tried this several times, just to make sure it didn’t cycle through the rankings, but it consistently came up Junior High over two days. So out of curiosity I tried it on my Wednesday Links Blog.

blog readability test

Now I really wonder what their criteria is?


CV Rick said...

I just lost this comment, so I'm going to start again.

At first when I put my blog in and it came up Elementary School, I felt king of bad about it. I thought that it was an insult.

Then I plugged in some other writer's blogs, like Neil Gaiman (elementary school) and John Scalzi (junior high). So I thought about it a bit and found an online copy of Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway and plugged that in - Elementary School.

I'm okay with it, if that means that I'm writing clear, concise sentences with the correct and easy word choice. I don't want to be pretentious, I want to be readable.

So, I don't know their algorithm, but I suspect I'll keep writing the way I do.