Friday, February 15, 2008

100 Things About Me - 2008

1) There is a feeling of Mortality in my air
2) Yes, that middle age, “My life is more than half over, and what have I done with it?” thought keeps haunting me
3) Not to the point where I want to go do something crazy
4) No, I am very thankful for who I am with
5) For what I have in my life
6) And for what I have accomplished
7) I can honestly say I like myself.
8) I’m sure it has something to do with the people around me dying
9) But it’s also a reflection of my age.
10) Strangely enough, I’m still afraid of snakes
11) Yeah, duh! Like that’s going to change.
12) My new candy… Cherry Cordial Kisses from Hershey’s, which made for a loverly chocolate Valentine’s Day
13) So did the chocolate covered strawberries from Ducky, divine decadence, hmmm, hmmm, hm.
14) God, that man is a saint.
15) That mortality thingie could also be due in part to it being a nine year
16) A year of endings, even though I’ve only just begun
17) A year that began with the doldrums, sadness, and ennui
18) But a nine-year also means new starts are ahead.
19) In a year, but still ahead
20) I’ve had an incredible craving for pepperoni sticks
21) Good thing I’m not a vegetarian.
22) My weight is down five to seven pounds,
23) And yet, I feel fatter.
24) I’ve always known I was a Monkey, but now I know I’m a fire Monkey
25) I use to have a monkey, a spider monkey named Mark, it was a girl
26) Ducky is a Water Dragon
27) I have a dragon collect – the cute type of dragons – Celtic Dragons
28) Ducky fits right in
29) Strangely Miseray is a Fire Monkey, Psam is a Fire Dragon, sadly Burp is a snake
30) So 2008 started with learning about the Chinese New year and my sign
31) I know, I’m a little late on the up take sometimes
32) But it fits in with the Astrology I did as a teen
33) The numerology I never quite mastered.
34) Oh and, I’ve come up with a new part for my hair
35) For some reason my headset has begun parting my bangs
36) It looks like a reject style from “Something About Mary”
37) The headset shoves two thirds to the left, and the right one-third straight up and back.
38) So now I’m doing physical comedy, too
39) Which works in with my “leave ‘em laughing philosophy.”
40)You know, life needs a good hug, a good laugh, good music, and a boat load of chocolate
41) Life needs friends, I adore and cherish my friends
42) Life needs a hot tub
43) We’re ordering ours tomorrow, thank you Lord.
44)My poetry has begun flowing again
45) Well not for the last week
46) Because I’m critiquing, but it’s flowing.
47) Life also needs a good book - would someone please talk Jane Austen in to writing more?
48) Last year I took no vacations, bad idea
49) This year I’m planning a few
50) Beginning with Sid’s birthday party in April
51) Which means I’m going to try my first Frodka
52) I am taking more time with my family
53) Eating more Chinese food
54) And celebrating the people in my life.
55) Hey, right now go find a card and send it to someone just because you can and you love them
56) They could be gone tomorrow, next week, or next month
57) Let them know you care TODAY
58) You may not get another chance
59) I can honestly say I have no regrets and no words of love left unsaid. Can you say that?
60) This year I plan on gardening more
61) Finishing Ducky’s lily garden
62) Maybe putting in a fountain
63) In the front yard
64) Adding more paver bricking
65) And creating cozy corners that beg to be sat in.
66) I am irreverent
67) I drives people crazy, but they are far too serious about themselves
68) But outside of the war, Bush, and taxes what is there that is so fucking serious that you have to be morose and flum all the time?
69) I love my job
70) Everyone should love their job, because life is far too long to be miserable.
71) I love giving presents
72) I don’t do it often enough
73) And sadly some presents don’t get shipped, because I’ve not conquered that procrastination thingie
74) Which means Buddy and family still haven’t received their birthday gifts from last year
75) I hope that just means a bigger box shipped this year EARLY!
76) I have found an upside to the writer’s strike
77) I have almost quit watching TV
78) Almost -
79) Except for Ghost Hunters, American Idol, and happy ending movies
80) I even gave up General Hospital for the most part several months ago
81) That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge myself in a GH Sunday marathon on occasion
82) It’s that ennui thingie going on.
83) Yeah that’s right no Big Brother 9 or Survivor Favs vs Fans – so been there, done that
84) Or as Jules would say, “I’m soooo over that.”
85) Oh and Arnie, my nephew, gave me a copy of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black
87) By the way it’s Natalie’s birthday Sunday
88) Joshlyn’s too or maybe that is next Wednesday, darn I can’t remember
89) And when exactly is Peggy’s birthday?
90) And no it’s not the elderly memory loss going on.
92) This year I plan to take more photos
93) Write more poetry
94) And find the time to read more.
95) I am impatiently awaiting the start of baseball season
96) It is a long, sportsless period between the end of college football and MLB season.
97) We always have a baseball dinner on opening night.
98) Yeah hotdogs and Crackerjacks.
99) I got to see the space shuttle and the International Space Station zip across the Southwestern sky last night and tonight
100) Not a bad way to close out 51,
101) hmmm 52 isn’t looking too bad.



Anonymous said...

My dear friend, happy happy birthday to you. I loved your "100 things" - I was reading parts to Scott and we both are still laughing over the "What About Mary" comment.

Love hard and love often is my motto, and I don't really care if someone already said it before I did. What's important is that very same "L" word, and I love Love LOVE that you're my friend.

I can't wait until April!

wry catcher said...

I can so relate with Nos. 1 & 2.

Great list.

Cele said...

Sid, I had a harder time this year writing them, I seemed so morose, and I want funny, gotta be funny. Thank you for the Birthday wishes.

Wry, stay around we will battle the doldrums, ho hums, and mortality together.