Sunday, January 06, 2008

Snow Ho

Decidedly frosty air greeted those mourning the loss of my brother in law Saturday as we gathered to say a final farewell. The drive from Florence was on wet pavement, no snow was in the area. As we hit West 11th grainy rain began splatting on the windshield, but nothing I could really call snow.

In a move of mercy the mortuary held the service inside, instead of a graveside as originally intended. Final viewings were held before and after Pastor Gary gave a nice hour long service. I don’t believe in viewings and have to say I was surprised when Ducky chose to stay to see his brother’s shell one last time before they closed the lid on the coffin. It was a decidedly un-Ducky moment. Members from Gwynn’s crew had driven from Portland for the service and rather than gather for food at my SIL’s, the Asian part of the contingency stayed to watch Gwynn’s burial (watching the burial is part of their culture.) Some people found this rather odd, I’m sure the Asian contingency found family members taking one last look, tucking notes, cards, and whatnots into Gwynn’s casket strange, too. I sure as shit do, but then that is just my belief.

The air outside was cold and biting to say the least and drive home began wet. But as we drove from Veneta to Noti (pronounced No-Tie) the grainy splats turned into small snow flakes, as we rose up over Badger Mountain (elevation 796 feet – I know mountain is a very liberal application lacking the necessary four feet to be called mountain) by the time we hit Walton three miles later the little snow flakes had turned in to beautiful fluffy flakes, and we were stuck for an hour as tow truck after tow truck had to unstick idiots who don’t know you have to drive faster than 10mph or you slide down the inclines of banked turns and become stuck in the ditch idiots. Snow birds go back to Arizona….please. For an hour we watched the flakes grow from large fluffy flakes to dish size flakes to floating sheets of flakes. It was quiet, religious beauty. Total serenity for me broken by Ducky’s phone calls to his sisters (who chose to follow us after the first phone call of snow in Veneta) for discussion on the value and nature of snow, flakes, and stuck in the ditch idiots. It really was a lovely afternoon and would have been made perfect by good sex, but we were in bucket seats with a mile long line of cars before and after us in line. No snow in Florence. OH HO, Hum. Sad is me.

Until this morning that is when I woke up to this.

Strangely enough NOAA lifted their snow advisory this morning for everything north of the Lane County Line. Maybe I should send them this picture.

True the Lane County line is 15 miles south of me, but well, it’s still south of me.

Ducky went out early to go see the snow on the beach, but all he came back with was a wet snowball and lots of threats.

Happy Snow Sunday. Okay, Happy Sunday Morning Snow, because the rain will start momentarily and it will be soggy again. Thank Heavens I like sog.



Phoenix Touch said...

Beautiful post... I smiled by your comment that "good sex" in your car would have made the afternoon perfect! Way to go, you! Even in a sad moment, you can see it truly for what it is - a good moment! :)

With love,

ps... Cele, what does "Sith" mean?

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Pretty, pretty.

Jazzy said...

Cool snow! It almost reminds me of home, almost except there is not enought of it and is wet snow. I thought we were going to get some of that beautiful snow down my way, but it was just a little icy. Who knows, maybe today!, she says hoping.

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Your home looks as warm and inviting as you, m'dear. Beauty within beauty even during a sad time. That's you my friend.