Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Internet Phenomenon

This Meme is courtesy of Sideon - of the Sanctuary, who stole it from the not so objectionable SaraSue (thank heavens!)

So if you have some time on your hands here’s how it works:

Go to Google Images and enter your birth date as six figures*: ddmmyy (or mmddyy if you are an illogical American). Pick any five pictures from the first page of results only. Then post them somewhere we can see!

Well I find this interesting: Google automatically separates the first three numbers with a space from the second three. We are suppose to have six numbers right?

So I googled in my numbers, clicked on images, and voila'

I find myself in South Africa. I kid you not. Apparently 02 is the SA international code. I'm only guessing because I didn't look it up, but all the pictures were for South Africa.

Now interestingly enough I have a friend in South Africa, whom we will call Bats, and did I find one picture of a bat? No. But I did find a picture of a beach, infact I found more than one. But this specific picture is of parasailing. Now strangely enough I use to parasail frequently, but not in South Africa. Nope. Right here in good old Oregon.

Don't be shocked, we have beaches here. Much prettier than this one. But this one does look somewhat like the beach I broke my foot on parasailing. I kid you not.

Things to keep in mind when parasailing.
1) Do not let your brother in law drive....

a) the truck (because when he gets a hair up his butt crosswise he will turn the truck around and drive with the wind - me and gravity do not mix)

b) the boat, because sure as shit he will run you right through the blue spruce tree that is 40 feet from the edge of the lake (just because he can.)

2) The wind should be greater than 5mph if you want to stay up, but less that 10mph if you want to come back down anytime soon. I'm just sayin.

Okay, I did not post the picture of the AK 47 that came up when I googled, nor the pile of pills that looked suspiciously like Crosstops. But these little puppies I couldn't resist, because they colours are so darn pretty.

See it doesn't take something shiny to distract me. Did someone say five pictures?



Sideon said...

I get easily distracted by nakedness or sparkly things, so I can totally relate to losing track of anything.

I hope that this post finds you warm and dry from all that wind and rain!

Cele said...

Oh, I'd be warm if the wood would light in my wood stove. But other than that I am fine. The storm really didn't get us...too bad.

So naked and sparkly things. Remind me to tell you the story sometimes about the glow in the dark bandaid.