Monday, October 15, 2007

Autumn's in the air, Cider's in the cup

Blustery weather is finally hitting the Oregon coast. The briskness of autumn, the gold and red of leaves prepared to fall, the flame of Vine Maple in the last glories of the season. And the surprising days in between of sunshine that lets me plant a few extra bulbs without getting wet or too muddy.

Halloween is right around the corner. Burp and I bought pumpkins for carving the last time we shopped together. Really he paints his, because who wants to have a pumpkin carved this early? He’ll take it home with him the next time he is down. And by then I will have frozen mine for pies, and we’ll need more.

When we were kids Trick or Treat was always followed by hot apple cider and donuts while mom went through the candy and divvied it up evenly so Buddy would get as much as I did despite the fact I am seven years older, and was out two hours longer. In hind- sight it was good and fair. Except wait, dad always got the lion’s share of the chocolate.

I still love trick or treat on Halloween, make sure I have the best candies, my talking candy bowl, and Ducky tallies the amount of kids who come to our door. I think he loves it more than the kids. And to sweeten the pot, it is constant phone calls between here and his sisters’ houses to brag about who go more at the front door.

Just around the corner, the winter days I love, when the rain is falling and I can cuddle up with a football game or good book and be lazy without purpose. I’ve already had a few nice warming fires in the woodstove. Made my first huge pot of chili, and delved into my stack of TBR’s.

And I still have hot apple cider on the cold days of fall and well into winter, spiced with a stick of cinnamon.



JulieAnn Henneman said...

This post brought so much notalgia up for me. I love Halloween (you should see my probably will on my post!)

Thank you for sharing it. :)

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

I love Halloween.... Which reminds me, I need to decide what I want to wear this year....

I have to confess, I clicked on your last picture so I could see what you're reading. Anything there you'd recommend? (Not like I need another recommendation right now, since my "To Be Read" pile is taller than a small child. Ugh. Still, I'm always interested in what others are reading and what they would suggest as worthy of one's time....)

Cele said...

you know I don't tend to dress up for Halloween, people don't tend to see their DJ's.