Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol Week 5 - The British Invasion

I’m 7 for 11

Not one single American Idol has ever sung and will never sing the first hit of the British Invasion. And all for a good reason, the first number one to hit American soil in the second British Invasion was an instrumental. Two years before the Beatles claimed the hearts of screaming, crying young American girls everywhere a group named the Tornadoes hit number one on the US Pop charts with the instrumental Tellstar (named for the satellite.)

I love British Invasion music; understandably, I was in the second grade when the Beatles landed. So I know the words to every one of the songs sung last night. I enjoyed the music. I enjoy the celebrity guest and thought Lulu especially rocked and got into the gig. So how did the Idols do? Not bad over all, even the guys seemed to bring it. But Gawd! What was with the crying girl? I mean Sanjaya is no Ringo, he’s not even a Peter Noonan, or for that thought a Peter Tork. Opps! Wrong invasion.

And we can now see the influence of the American Idolist style team. Jordin’s straight hair, perfection. Melinda’s new cut, very nice but it will take some getting use to. And Chris has put his glasses back on.

So let’s get down to it, how did they do in my humble opinion? Not bad over all. I’ll give them an 85, No one forgot the words and you could dance to it, well if you could remember how to pony, swim, or jerk. Oh, and I have to say, from the moment they announced the week was British Invasion, I knew Beat Box Blake would chose the Zombie’s Time Of The Season.

Haley – picked the right song, Billy Davis’ Tell Her. But did anyone notice she lost her breath twice during her performance?

Chris R – Sang a nasally rendition of Gary and the Pacemaker’s Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying. I wasn’t sold on this performance and felt he should have chosen a Bee Gees song. Gary wrote the song after his girl friend left him, it is a sad, lonely song, I didn’t get that from Chris’ performance. While Gary won back his girl friend with the song, Chris didn’t win me over.

Stephanie Edwards – I usually like this Idolist, but last night’s cover of Dusty Springfield’s You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me missed the mark. Edwards started the song off late falling behind the music, she caught up, but I never got caught up in the song.

Beat Box Blake – I already said it, I knew this song was perfect for him and he nailed it. Although that dancing thing is weird, it did match the song strangely. Now in all honesty Blake was flat once or twice, and fell behind at one point. And.Yet.I.Still.Loved.His.Performance. The best male performance for the night.

Lakisha Jones – darn, I wish she would have picked Cilla Black’s You’re My World, but no she chose Shirley Bassey’s Diamond Are Forever. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good performance, she became Shirely Bassey (literally,) but I really (along with Lulu) thought the other would have been a better choice. She was flawless and yet, I still wanted the other song.

Phil Stacey – Covering the Nashville Teens Tobacco Road was… a good choice, but when Stacey couldn’t hit the notes or wanted to power into the lyrics he yelled. And unlike the judges I thought the ending sucked.

Jordin Sparks - Truly sparkled, this was one of my favorite performances of the night. Choosing I Who Have Nothing was inspired. Her performance was inspired. Where as Lakisha became Shirely Bassey, Jordin became the song. Only 17 years old, wow. She blew me away, I was captivated by her performance, her voice, her.

Sanjaya Malakar – have you noticed Malakar is really close to malarkey? Just sayin’. Sanjaya chose the Kinks’ You Really Got Me, and really for him it was a good choice. But excuse me, The Kinks / Herman’s Hermits? No one would weigh the two against each other in song selection, it's apples and oranges. For the most part he performed well, there were parts I liked, but he’s Sanjaya and my enjoyment of his song was lost in the ending. And the fact that he’s Sanjaya. See this is where past performances tarnish the present. I am still hoping he’s gone.

Gina – I love this girl. She looks like a star. She chose Paint It Black by the Stones. My morning DJ thinks it should be Gina going this week. I disagree. She did have a bad start and she needed to hit her lower registers better, but I thought she did fine. She’s no Sanjaya. Thank God. I want to see this girl in a knee length black duster, black leathers, and white or burgundy silk. She just looks the part.

Chris Sligh – it was so nice to hear him say he’s a fan of the British Invasion. Great song choice, the Zombies’ She’s Not There was a perfect fit. Chris did a good job, enjoyable performance. Chris listens to his critiques, takes them to heart. And I do like him better with his glasses.

Melinda Doolittle – Goosebumps. I had never heard As Long As He Needs Me, but it will forever be a song I equate with her. Wow, stellar performance, hideous blouse. I like the haircut, but I liked her hair before.

Did you notice no one sang a Beatles tune?

The Best this week

♫ Jordin Sparks
♪ Melinda Doolittle

I am still begging America to send Sanjaya home, don’t let Vote for the Worst win again, the results are just to painful if he stays.



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