Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol week 4 – I had a great title for this post last night, but that was last night

I’m 7 for 10

When I was growing up in the late sixties and early seventies, I loved Diana Ross and the Supremes. I watched any show they were on, all their specials, bought their albums, sobbed during Lady Sings The Blues. Did you know that when they were signed by Berry Gordy to Motown they were the Primettes? Yep, the female answer to the Primes… aka the Temptations. Then Diana became a Diva and began the spiral out of the spotlight.

Last night she gave the American Idol contestants terrible advice, if she gave them (individually) any advice. She told them to enunciate, to not cut any of the words, and project – okay that part was good advice. And it must be something in the Arizona air because I thought she was channeling my Aunt Maria. Basically what I got from her was, here’s a photo op on TV’s biggest two nights, smile for the camera and don’t screw up my songs, they are perfect as there are. Hence the death spiral from the spotlight.

What the majority of the contestants didn’t do last night was feel their song choice. Each week the judges implore the AI wanna be’s to make a song their own.

Every week Lakisha feels her song, she wears it like a dress. This week’s cover of God Bless the Child was no exception. Lakisha delivers a memorable performance each time she takes the stage. She becomes the song. I liked the dress, but it would have looked nicer in a textured silk, in a colour other than white. And she should have used a mic stand.

Melinda, this woman puts a new meaning into the word dynamite. Wow, She has star power. I didn’t know the song Home but she made me love it and her anew. She needs fresher brighter clothing.

Gina rocked with a nice performance of Love Child, but I think Ross’ advice was her doom.

Jordin, what a doll.

A blog I visit daily, Karen Tabek, commented that Haley’s response to her performance and missed words was endearing, I have to agree. In the past she seemed to think she knew more than the judges. This week she was human. My only critique with her song is that she didn’t feel it. Missing You is a haunting song of loss and heart break. Haley tends to power through a song instead of caressing and molding it.

With each passing week we are going to see what the American Idol fashion and hair stylist can do. I have to agree Chris S should keep his glasses, Melinda needs a fresher look, and that dress Haley was wearing? OHMIGOD, it was as bad as the blouse thingie that Carrie Underwood wore the week before.

The guys were total duds. While I didn't like either Chris' or Blake's takes on their songs, I give them props for the effort and attempts. As I said before, each week they are urged to take chances, make themselves stand out. I liked Beat Box Blake’s arrangement of You Keep Me Hanging On, but Blake himself sang it monotone and with absolutely no energy.

Chris, Endless Love, ugh, I hate the song all over again, but dude you tried.

Phil, hideous, you over sang I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.

The other Chris sucked the life out of The Boss.

Something that most singers in this competition fail to get at the beginning of each cycle of American Idol is that
1) the judges do know what they are talking about, and
2) they (the contestants) don't understand or feel their songs. Endless Love is a song that sucks, and Missing You - come on that is a heart felt song that should be sung with tears and emotion.

The Best
♫ Melinda
♪ Lakisha

God, people PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU vote out Sanjaya and put us out of his misery.


dartman113 said...

We are with you. Sanjaya MUST GO!!!

Sideon said...


You are saving me from having to turn on the television! Thank you for the updates. One, I can't stand Simon Cowell, and two, any shows with competition stresses me out. I invariably root for the underdog and invariably end up disappointed.

It's good to be home from the conference. I missed our chats and blogging!

The Sacred Sister said...

Hi Cele,
I love your blog, it's a riot!

I am somewhat ashamed to admit this but... I must be the only person on planet earth that doesn't watch American Idol! All of my friends think I'm insane, but it just hurts to watch people make fools of themselves... LOL

I will be back. I really enjoyed your post "Conversations overheard at dinner", as well as, the "100 things about me"! Great stuff!!

Take care,
Caryn :)

Cele said...

Sid, I love you so I will forgive you hating Simon Cowell. But oh you are missing a treat in Lakisha and Melinda, those two can really sing.

Sacred, welcome, and thank you for the kind comments. As you can see, you're not the only non-Idol American. I didn't watch all the first season, but I started for two reasons.

1) Ducky was into it, he loves the first episodes where the bad singers Gawd I hate calling that singing. I don't enjoy those episode because they are personally embarrassing to me.

2) My job, you can't look at a music sales or airplay chart and not find an Idol in the fray. So I find it a way to keep up on it.

I look forward to your future comments.