Saturday, February 10, 2007

Arlo The Tank

Four years ago I was mourning the loss of my beautiful Kya, a Rhodesian Ridgeback that had been my constant companion for thirteen years. During that time I knew I’d soon be seeking a new friend to fill the lonely times when Ducky was away. A friend to be lazy with, a friend to walk with, a friend to cuddle and share my popcorn with.

On April 10th 2004, my mom and I took the day off and drove the 200 miles to Ridgeway to pick up my new best friend. The breeder had named him Tank. The sort of name you might expect for a Mastiff, Bull Mastiff at that, but kind of a peculiar name for a Basset. Until you hear his story. Expected to litter on February 12th, the breeders weren’t too surprised a few night early to hear the bitch making a bit of a commotion from their family room. From the vicinity of couch interior they could hear a puppy crying. That’s right inside the couch. No that wasn’t Tank, how do I know that? Because Tank was firmly stuck in the birth canal and couldn’t come out by power of the bitch, the owner, or himself. 35 miles later the Vet unstuck him and Tank entered the world, followed by six more puppies. As you can guess he was huge from moment one.

But see, he’s so damn adorable. Oh well most of the time. He took almost four months to house-break. Ducky was almost to the breaking point. He only tried to chew up a few shoes, no bras, or furniture. But, beware the socks on your feet. To this day, three years later, he will snatch them right off your unsuspecting feet. He delights in sock snatching, which between him and the ones Ducky loses in his recliner, we are missing socks. One of his favorite things? To sit with his back to Ducky and have him rub his feet on his back. They were made for reach other.

Happy Birthday, Arlo!

Now when you stop to think that he is a normal healthy three year old Basset, I will let you in on a few…er…Basset/Arlo facts.

  • Male Bassets tend to weigh 65 to 70 pounds. Arlo weighs 83
  • All Basset Hounds KNOW they are lap dogs. Arlo is well aware of this fact.
  • Bassets do not like baths. Arlo is no exception.
  • Bassets are stinky dogs. I have a hard time smelling him, Ducky doesn’t.
  • Hounds howl – I use to have blood hound that was the definition of this hound fact. Ducky had to teach Arlo to howl. I’m jealous of this little feat, Arlo won’t sing for me.
    Bassets are just big dogs on little legs.
  • Arlo can reach almost anything on a counter you don’t want eaten.

Arlo loves ice cream on Friday nights. It maybe Saturday, but he will get ice cream.
Happy Birthday, Arlo.


Sideon said...

Midas told me to tell you to tell Arlo:

Happy Birthday!

Actually - he barked and I don't understand him.

Jazzy said...

Too cute for words!!

Happy Birthday!!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

What awesome pics, Cele!

BTW, I totally FINALLY added you to my blogroll. You've been my most faithful commenter and I apologize for taking so damn long. I should be ashamed.

:) sml

Peggy said...

Hi Calista,

Just catching up on your blog.

Tank looks like a big fat sweetheart. I could just squeeze him. Great photos. But if he smells and he's overweight you should consider giving him homeopathic treatment for his thyroid. You can get it from Native

I gave it to Zeus for about a month when he smelled and the smell went away. The good thing about it, is it can't harm him in any way.