Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Surrounded by Love

I have begun several blogs, finished none, and posted even less. Today is my birthday, I began telling people I am 56 several months ago. I say it as if to combat the fear of becoming older, but darn it I worked darmn hard for each and every one of those years I’m owning them. I have been extremely blessed.

Besides some addictive gamesn and connecting with old friends, the good thing I love about Facebook is my birthday. I’ve never been one for telling people it’s my birthday, the attention is kind of embarrassing. So seeing the birthday wishes and love on Facebook is so kewl and unembarassing. But the best thing of all about having my birthday is the love and the birthday songs. It’s my thing to call those I love and care for and sing the Birthday Cake Polka. Today I got wonderful songs from my grandson, my daughters, my brother in law, and calls from my sister and my cousin, from those I love and who touch me. I am blessed.

The outpouring of love and good wishes had a side benefit – the last three weeks, oh crap, since the week before New Years have been stressful, I'm ready to be done with 2012. Equipment failure, torturous high winds, flooding, seemingly endless hours on air spewing endless emergency information, a major onair promotion (Radio Auction), personnel problems, and stress – stress – stress were all seemingly wiped away by the love, the joy, the well wishes. Gone. At least for today, and then I will slay more dragons. But for today the love and stress relief… divine.

Of course the cake and chocolate are pretty darn awesome too. Thank you for the birthday wishes and love.