Saturday, June 25, 2011

Talk Thursday: I Don't Really Love To Bitch, but here goes...

The reality is, I don’t live to bitch, a good rant aids the soul; a bitch is just that, a negative out pouring that rarely results in positive input. I’m just saying. So instead of a bitch, I’ll opt for some little nit picky, nagging.

Why do people feel they can say what ever they want, gratis? Why? Because it’s coming out of your mouth? That makes it okay that you abused a person?


Yes, this gripe comes from somewhere close to home. Last Thursday night when I should have been blogging, I instead had dinner with my brother, sister in law, and mom. During post dinner conversation with mostly my sister in law, I was there, but it was her way, her viewpoint; don’t bother with your viewpoint, because she would cut you off before the first comma, ergo while there - I was not actually in the conversation. I sat and politely listened, injected two and a half words, skidded to an elliptical halt and of course politely listened some more. Apparently my face didn’t show what I wanted nor what she found appropriate, because she told me I shouldn’t be offended “it’s the truth.” And then she was affronted when I told her she didn’t hurt my feelings when she said I should get out of Florence and into the real world. What really drove me crazy to frustration was the constant interrupt / over ride, what I needed was to be able to finish a sentence. So I said, “I would just like to be able to finish a sentence.” Apparently I’m a bitch. No she didn’t call me such. But she did huff off all offended. C’est La Vie.

Next, DJ’s who don’t know crap about the music they play. Like say the station’s genre and the genre of the music they keep saying we should play, but ohmigosh we’re an Adult Contemporary station what do you mean we should play Beyonce? She’s not AC, she’s not Hot AC, but excuse me she’s got a great ass – and although she’ highly talented, she’s not the iddybiddiest original. Then there are DJ’s who don’t know who has done what. Song in point (and this is from a very old conversations) my DJ couldn’t understand why we play Counting Crows w/ Vanessa Carlton’s Big Yellow Taxi. His argument, it’s a cover of Amy Grant’s Big Yellow Taxi. To this I said, “Yankee, Amy Grant’s is a cover the original was done by Joni Mitchell.”

Seriously, “Joni who?”

“Dude, go listen to Neil Diamond’s Red Red Wine and then come back and argue covers verses originals.”

Okay, this one is a bitch. Going into the grocery store and having to….
1) Wait to actually enter the store because people are standing in the entry way
a) Deciding which way they should turn
b) What they are actually looking for
c) or Was this even the right store

2) Having to turn around in the grocery store aisle because
a) She/He had to bring along she/he and they are arguing the merits of mustard
b) Joan on the corner, met June from the other corner and they are catching up on the neighborhood gossip and yes obliviously blocking the friggin' aisle.

3) People who are driving down the highway and literally have to slow to a stop to turn on to the bisecting road. WTF, people go back to driver ed because you need it.

Okay, that’s it. Not that I’ve run out of bitches or nit pics, but it’s getting too negative. Time to go garden.



foundinidaho said...

Haha! I know what you mean about bitching - obviously you read my blog post, which was kind of a bitch about life sucking eggs.

Thank you for the kind words, you've never been out of my thoughts.

We're actually going to be in your neck of the woods this week, my apologies for not touching base sooner, but I'll e-mail you and see if there's a chance of connecting.

Cele said...

I am looking forward to your visit, we will have to have you and your B's over for a BBQ.

Psamanthe said...

..........My 9 year old knows who originally did Big Yellow Taxi. I know I grew up in an environment that promoted musical knowledge and random bits of useless trivia, but 8+ or so years in radio strengthened that knowledge.. The Yank has, what, 30 years radio experience on me? He should be embarrassed. I KNOW! We can give him a music education boot camp!! Actually, I just want to give him tests on music trivia that he can fail and put him in his place. MEN! lol.

As for proper grocery store etiquette, I find that most people don't have it. This is why I prefer to go to the store at midnight and do a HUGE shop, so I don't have to go back for a long, long time.

Also, most don't have conversational etiquette either. Although, I didn't know that she was an atheist, how does grandma feel about that?

What you didn't mention was driving etiquette. Yeah, I hate it when I get stuck behind someone going 20 miles under the speed limit and they don't let traffic pass them, BUT more.. I hate when people try to be polite in a way that opposes driving and right-of-way laws. Yeah, you're trying to be polite, but if something goes wrong and an accident occurs, I will be the one in trouble because you encouraged me to not observe the rules. But when I refuse to go, they get pissed. *shrug* read your manual!!

Jen said...

Ms. Sister in Law sounds like a lot of fun. Do you have to invite her? Just wondering.

Cele said...

Jen, my mom said it best, Ms Sister-in-law (aka the Kiwi) is a snob