Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day – 2011 – Roger that.

Today was Ducky’s birthday and for a few years I’ve been kicking around the thought of getting him a flight in a Bi-Plane. Our house is situated just north of the Florence airport and we have often seen the Bi-Planes taking off and flying about. Each time we see one he’d say he’d love to take one of those flights, but that is as far as it’s gone. I’ve told him I had bid on or almost won the bidding at the Radio Auction on a flight and he kind of blew it off. So really I blended that piece of information with his uncomfortable stance of flying and didn’t get one.

Until this year.

This morning (Sunday, May 1st) my little May Flower (tulips please) woke up and found three balloons attached to a water proof disposable camera, a birthday card and this note….

♥ ♪♫•**¨*•.¸¸♥ Happy Birthday ~ Ducky ♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Happy Birthday!!!!
My Sweets

Be prepared at 9:15 to begin your birthday treat.

I love you,

Ps: Please make sure I’m ready too.
Thank you,
Love Me

At 9:30 this morning we met Ret. Lt. Col. Sam Spayd and his beautiful 1944 Stearman BiPlane of Aero Legends at the Florence Municipal Airport.
Ducky was all a tweeter – but no he does not tweet. Sam is a man truly in love with his plane, he walked us out onto the apron and introduced us – she’s a beauty. He gave us her history, explained all the gauges, gadgets, and humerous stories about his plane and then they boarded.

Take off was about five minutes later.

They cruised up the coast to the Sea Lion Caves, Heceta Head Lighthouse, and Carl Washburn State Park before heading back down the coast,
over the Three Rivers Casino, down the Siuslaw River, over the Bridge, into town and landed back on the grass strip between runways 33 and 33-15. Twenty minutes later.

Ducky loved it, said it was easier than flying in a jet (even if the destination were Las Vegas). Next time I’ll have to get him the hour flight. I can’t wait to see the pictures he took, even if he wound the film advancer backwards. And I'm definately looking forward to my turn.



Psamanthe said...

That is so incredible. I can't believe you got him up there! Were his pants dry when the plane landed? That's what I want to know.

Luv you!

Cele said...

Not only were they dry, but had Sam said, "I've got a free half hour let's do it again." He would have said, "See ya babe" and been flying.

sideon said...

Scott would say anything other than a jet isn't really flying, but I say ANY kind of flying is fantastic! You wouldn't catch me in one, ever - not even to escape a volcano or flood or snakes on steroids. :)