Friday, December 31, 2010

Talk Thursday: The Topic Fairy Died

Farewell, Good-bye, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu 2010

Happily I will bid a hasty TaTa to 2010, what a hell it has been, okay that’s strong, very strong. It wasn’t that bad, but it took me three quarters of the year to determine what felt better, twenty ten, two thousand ten, or two ought ten (while different it doesn’t leap to mind or tongue when you’re in the bowels of indecision over numerical determination.) It’s final, I’m starting out the new year knowing I am calling it twenty eleven, that determination should last at least until just after midnight.

Really twenty ten wasn’t THAT bad, it was just annoying as hell. January, cold, cold cold. I got my Christmas tree down on New Years Day two ought ten, only six more weeks until it’s time to put it up again… okay twelve weeks (but who’s counting?) My time flies… just wait you’re getting older too. My Ducks failed to show up on the bowl game gridiron (I’m not sure who they sent, but they didn’t play like my Ducks). And speaking of Ducks, my Ducky was stuck in the valley a few times by snow. The Winter Folk Festival and craft sale rocked with good dried apricot jam and The Brothers Four and Barry McGuire.

In February I received an awesome yoga DVD set for my birthday. Upward facing dog kicked my 54 year old ass and my Chiropractor, St Gregory (the ST stands for steel thumbs) said, “No, no.” to the yoga. Well spank my fat ass. At the radio auction I bought a kick ass secretariat for my new room. The question of twenty ten, “What do we call the new edition that is now six years old?” Note, I’ve tried Sunroom, garden room, sun room, new room seems to work… sort of.

March offered up a promise of spring and a feasible countdown to baseball season. The first of my daffodils and iris popped their poinky green tips out of the soggy, semi frozen garden sand….And then proceeded to go back to sleep. The annual home and garden show was a success.

April, there is no easy way to say it, Psam lost her job… thank you Mr. Unionman… for nothing. She loved her job, she’s damn good at her job… but she was low man on the totem pole. She also was turned down for unemployment…again I am disappointed in my government. The new Green Show seemed more like a repeat of the Home and Garden Show. Baseball season came and I was wishing for Duck Football, I seemingly can’t be pleased.

May, Rhody Fest came, gone, and will reappear before you even know it. A good time was had by all. Darn it just tires me all to hell out. On the other hand I started my Christmas shopping. I know, I know – you’re saying it’s May, really, Christmas shopping? Yeah, duh! When you find great stocking stuffers you buy them and start the list.

June seemed like an extension of early spring, cold and wet. Now all my friends will say, “But. Cele you like the rain and cold of Winter.”

I will reply, “Yes, I do, but not in June, July, and August.”

July… flew by. I boycotted the Fireworks Spectacular. Missed the crafts fair.

August… gone. But, oh, oh, oh I did go to my first bead trunk show and a new addiction was in embryotic form.

September – DUCK FOOTBALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve become predictable and boring… until the game starts and then the loud unholy football fan takes over and I morph in to Mega football Mama! Go Ducks! Thank fully and I do mean fully that my husband, my daughter, my grandson, my sister, sister in law and their families are all MEGA DUCK fans too. Second passion of the season, fishing. Ducky got me on the banks of the Siuslaw with a Salmon pole in hand. I didn’t catch a single nibble, let alone the whole fish but gosh I loved it all. We spent sunny afternoons on the bank of the river, taking it all in, casting over and over again, not a care in the world. Heaven.

October, wow, more Duck Football; a little more fishing, but now I’m starting to worry about Christmas, it’s only three weeks away. I can’t find last year’s Christmas list. Bottles are $23 a case, I need two, but it’s $48 dollars to ship them. Crap what am I going to do? How about another bead trunk show…. Woo hoo I’m hooked. Oh and I had great jack-o-lanterns.

November, visit St. Gregory and a week later my neck is out. Freck. I spent Thanksgiving puking, laying on my daughter’s bed, and did I mention puking? Where is that friggin’ Christmas list? Bracelets were made, more beads bought, addiction, addiction, addiction.

December started with the final Duck victory of the regular season and the Pac Ten Championship – up next Auburn. Well, I finally found the Christmas list from last year… you know - the one I forgot to fill it all out, what did we get the Brit? Empty Bowls were bought and filled, wrapped and awaited gifting. New bottles were bought at the Home Fermentation store, Kahlua made, labels celebrated, and presents wrapped. More bracelets made. BTW, the Wii Ducky got is still in its box. Maybe this weekend, right after I take down the Christmas tree, I’ll get it hooked up.

It’s December 31st at 9:10pm. The day after the current topic fairy failed at his task. He’s probably in the midst of very non-private exhibition. Germany, England, Scotland, and West Virginia have already counted down. Their feet now are firmly resting in twenty eleven, and it is on the verge of snowing here. Happy New Year.