Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ADHA America

First off I’d like to say this is my America too, WTF do you mean take “Our America Back?”

Second I’d like to say, “Idiots, it’s a WORLD WIDE RECESSION.” I apologize to you who realize this I didn’t want to shout but I’m frustrated, Americans seem so deaf. I knew that a lot was going to change to the opposite direction, but really it’s my country too and you never gave anyone time to fix anything that had been broken by those who went before and now the Headless Chicken Republic has given it back to those who helped break it in the first place. That being said, "Yeah, to all those who voted, whether you did as I or opposed."

What is it about Americans that it needed to be fixed yesterday? What? We’ve been in a worldwide recession now for over two years, but Americans only know they voted for change and damn-it they wanted it yesterday. Personally I know change and healing take much longer than a handful of months, it takes time, determination, and working together. I’ve seen little of that. Wait, I’ve seen nobody working together.

Katie Couric made this asinine comment about it being a good thing that when things turn around the new governors will get the credit. Idiot, governors have been working for months to get things turned around, if this happens it took more than new governors.

The catch phrases flying around tonight are driving me crazy, “Give the people what they want” (ha you idiots the people asked for health care reform, the spin from the talking heads and Republican leadership made my nose bleed.) “

A CBS poll asked, “Who do you blame for our current woes?”
1) Wall Street 55%
2) Pres. Bush 39%
3) Pres. Obama 6%
Obama? Really, people read. Bush? I’m not a Bush person, but in truth he wasn’t smart enough to get us in this situation, nor did he have near enough time- that doesn’t mean he didn’t aid the situation, but he did not create it. No, our current situation took years and years to develop, everyone that went before in the last twenty plus years has a hand in this dilemma, but most of all let us thank Wall Street and their enablers… They know who they are and “They” don’t read my blog. Thank God.



Jen said...

Hang in there. When the "new and exciting" Congress is just as gridlocked as the old and stale Congress, people will be pissed off again and vote for Democrats and the whole country will swing the other way. I hope.

Cele said...

The "new and exciting" Congress I love that line... and yes the gridlock will smoother us all... again.

LynnBlossom said...

The country has been slipping since Reagan declared war on common sense and the middle class. Oh and education. And Social Security, and unions. We had some relief during Clinton years, but that's lost on the wackos. I heard a healer say that 9/11 was a greater trauma to the world than we thought, and has brought about a lot of negativity and regression. We will heal. It's happening now. But in the meantime . . .