Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Talk Thursday: Beautiful... Release

Well it took all summer, crap it's already the beginning of the middle of August which is really the beginning of the end of sumer (I know shoot the bearer of bad tidings - but I come with flowers), I have lilies.

It seemed to take forever, but it was worth the wait. The lily to the left was suppose to be a stargazer - it's not, but it is beautiful. The lilies to the right are on their third year, the picture doesnt' do the color justice.
I had some beautiful bright yellows too, but I never got them photographed.
I have several Rudbeckia that are just budding out, a holly hock or two (I miss pictures of Sacred Sister's hollyhocks) and these Hellisomethingorothers,
and an abundance of daisies. This bush is my favorite (but only because it is so round. I have a bolder double daises, and this really ruffly one that browns too quickly.
They are beautiful, but crap, no release. I will have to try again.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And your garden, too!

I have two flowerbeds that need weeding so badly, and know it, that I'm going to need a flamethrower and one of those firefighter outfits to combat the weed monsters. Think "Jack and the Beanstalk" without any giants or magic beans, just big-ass weed hugeness.

Have I mentioned that it's a lovely thing to be back in blogdom?

Anonymous said...

Oh, the lilies are so pretty! Laugh if you will, but I didn't know lilies grew in regular gardens. I have a brown thumb and have lived too long in the mountains where nothing much grows.

Jen said...

I love the flowers!! Sadly it's summer in Texas and all mine are dying...