Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year - New Decade - Same Ol' Me

Happy New Year - y'all.

So here's the deal. 2009 ended with high mental health numbers, even higher digital scale nubmers (I realized during my proof reading this was an appropriate typo it stays - maybe a new word for 2010), and low self esteem. Yesterday I was asked... of course on air in a quick in house survey , what is my New Year's resolution? I almost went with my old stand by - blog at least twice a week, write more poetry. And then I opened myself and said.

and I quote, "To be a better me."

Now, where the Farve did that come from (ha ha made Fii laugh?)

I fail miserably (and annually) on the iddy biddy liddle resolution I make to write more blogs, and crap I do have two or four poems to finish. So now I'm going to fail miserable (but a first) at being a better me? Maybe this is the year of change. And I need new scales.

So as I sit here watching my Ducks take on the Buck-eyes (they perform better when they don't have my complete attention) and tell myself I am going to do better this year. I will get back on my cross trainer, eat better (not that I eat bad when I'nm not binging), be more positive, and take more for myself. Which means my part-timers will be taking on more responsiblities, because there is only so much of me to go around.

I'm looking forward to another year of good blogging, Talk Thursday, pouring my heart out and being as truthful as I can stand to be right here. Thank you my friends, to those who happen to read my ponderings and revelations. Here's to 2010.

Go Ducks!

As to the osterich, my nickname in high school, it was suppose to be derogratory but I embraced the Osterich, made it mine - and darn he's so cute. I just thought I'd share a smile to kick of 20-10. hmmm 2,010, 20-10, 2,010. Heck, I'll figure out how to say it later.



Maya said...

That is a pretty good one. Happy New Year!

Cele said...

Maya I'm working on it, Happy New Year my friend.

Anonymous said...

"To be a better me." I like that a lot. I've spent my life relishing the bad guy role, the black sheep, the stirrer of trouble, the agent of chaos, the imp of random, the elf of chance. **sigh** Maybe it's time to look at the conscious positive in being 'better' and not just living the adage 'when I'm good I'm good, but when I'm bad I'm better.'

Big hugs to you.

foundinidaho said...

While I loved your comment, nothing about Favre makes me smile right now. Asshat. (not you, him, of course).

Cele said...

For some reason Ducky and I began watching a few pro games this season - Could be my Saints and Fins were having good seasons. yesterday there was nothing to smile about in the Vikings - Cowboy game. I can't stand Farve or the Cowboys. Crap.